According to This PETA Video, Guys Can Up Their Sexual Game by Going Vegan

According to This PETA Video, Guys Can Up Their Sexual Game by Going Vegan

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The animal rights organization PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has long been attempting to convince people to “go vegan.” The protection of animals is of course the main reason to do so, but as a new PETA video claims, there’s also a secondary benefit that most men will find intriguing: the organization claims men who go vegan will up their game in the bedroom.

“‘Traditional’ masculinity is DEAD. The secret to male sexual stamina is veggies,” the org said last week on Twitter when it shared the below PETA video.

The video features multiple men getting frisky while gigantic veggies dangle between their legs. Yep, these guys have gigantic vegetable penises, ranging from enormous eggplants to considerable corn ears. “Increase your sexual stamina,” says the PETA video. “Go vegan.”

And there’s thrusting. Lots of thrusting.

Watch the “Go Vegan” PETA Video here:

In a follow-up Twitter post, PETA cites a recent study by the American Psychological Association that indicated “traditional masculinity” is harmful to the psychological and physical well-being of both boys and men.

According to the animal rights group, “traditional masculinity” (better known as toxic masculinity) also results in the deaths of millions of animals, too — making yet another reason why men should “go vegan.”

PETA is hardly the first to claim that men who go vegan will have better sex. It’s long been touted (usually by self-described vegans) that not eating meat and other animal products results in a better sex life.

Even big-time film director James Cameron has entered the “go vegan” conversation, saying he wants to “put Viagra out of business” by spreading the word about sexual benefits that come from a plant-based diet. He’s reportedly been a vegan himself since 2012 and executive produced a documentary called The Game Changers, featuring sit-down interviews with professional athletes who are all on vegan diets.

Apparently one scene in The Game Changers has three men measuring the size of their erections after they go vegan. Cameron has said it’s “the scene of the film.” Maybe it’s worth a watch!

What do you think of the PETA video and this new “Go Vegan” campaign?

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