The Upcoming TV Series ‘Now Apocalypse’ Puts Queer Millennials Front and Center

The Upcoming TV Series ‘Now Apocalypse’ Puts Queer Millennials Front and Center

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Bright colors, queer characters, the end of the world — sounds like a Gregg Araki project, doesn’t it? Earlier this week we got our first glimpse at the upcoming Gregg Araki TV show Now Apocalypse, and it could be one of the most queer projects to ever come to the small screen.

“I’m Ulysses. Everyone in my life right now is insane,” we hear in the trailer for Now Apocalypse, which is making its way to American cable network Starz on March 10. But after watching the trailer, we’re more inclined to think they’re not necessarily insane, just sexually fluid millennials out to get what they want.

This upcoming Gregg Araki TV series is an end-of-the-world comedy, a theme the openly gay director has been known to explore before. And Now Apocalypse appears to fit in nicely along the director’s previous film work, which includes beloved cult films The Living End, The Doom Generation, Mysterious Skin and Kaboom.

The L.A.-based series stars Avan Jogia as Ulysses, who can’t shake the premonitions he experiences while he’s sleeping. But is the world really coming to an end, or is he just smoking too much pot? (You’ll quickly notice the entire series is drenched in Day-Glo colors, which may or may not make you feel like you’re tripping balls yourself.)

His friends — Carly, Ford and Severine — are all on their own paths, mostly on the hunt for love and sex. And because they’re “millennials,” the sex they’re having is apparently pretty queer. In particular there’s Ford (played by the hunky Beau Mirchoff), who we see sporting next to nothing multiple times in the trailer, and Carly (Kelli Berglund), who has started a new career as a kinky cam girl and requires “sexual fluidity” from her partners.

Oh, and did we mention there’s a scene in the trailer where Jogia’s Ulysses makes out with Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey? Yeah, we’re definitely here for this.

Watch the trailer for the upcoming Gregg Araki TV series Now Apocalypse here:

Will you be watching Now Apocalypse?

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