The Daily Sting, Tuesday: It’s a Bad News Day for Trump, and Gus Kenworthy Gets Naked

The Daily Sting, Tuesday: It’s a Bad News Day for Trump, and Gus Kenworthy Gets Naked

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Stay up-to-date and quick-witted around your co-workers with the day’s top headlines. The State Department is forcing some international gay couples to get married or separate. It’s an overall Trump bad news day (again) thanks to the brilliant New York Times. And we’ve got multiple thirst traps for you, the first from one of our favorite Olympians, Gus Kenworthy, and the other from a real-life gay couple who are now the face of a sexy underwear line.

Read about the Trump bad news day and more with these top Tuesday headlines:

1. The U.S. State Dept. Is Now Effectively Forcing Gay Marriages (News)

photo: John Moore / Getty Images

Under Hillary Clinton‘s time as U.S. Secretary of State, a policy allowed the same-sex partners of staff of certain America-based international orgs (including the United Nations and World Bank) to obtain a spousal visa. But the Trump administration’s State Department is changing that by imposing a new policy that only hands out visas to the spouse if the couple is legally married. It’s a particularly troubling policy change because only a fraction of the 193 UN member states allow gay marriage. These employees thereby face a difficult choice: they can either get legally married in the United States and potentially face prison time back home (in some countries, anyway) or they can live apart, potentially sacrificing the relationship. Ah, the Trump administration: always such an empathetic bunch, huh?

Read the full story at NBC News here.

2. Ooh, It’s a Bad News Day for Trump (News, Politics)

The ever-resourceful New York Times is claiming to have uncovered “outright fraud” and “dubious tax schemes” on behalf of Donald Trump. The Times alleges that Trump and his siblings hid financial gifts through a fake corporation and helped his father, Fred Trump, illegally claim millions of dollars in tax deductions (which eventually trickled down to him personally). The Times also finds (our favorite part) that despite Donald Trump claiming to be a self-made billionaire and that his father initially provided no financial help, based on the paper’s investigation Trump actually “received the equivalent today of at least $413 million from his father’s real estate empire, starting when he was a toddler and continuing to this day.”

To make matters worse, Forbes has reported that Trump has officially dropped 138 spots lower on its Forbes 400 list, which will be released tomorrow.

Read the full New York Times story here.

3. Gus Kenworthy Naked? Don’t Mind If We Do (Celebrities)

Gus Kenworthy knows how to celebrate his birthday right. Yesterday marked the Olympic skier’s 27th birthday, and in honor of the blessed day he treated his fans to a shot of him in his good ol’ birthday suit on Instagram. “27 years ago I came out of my mum wearing this exact same outfit. Strong queens make strong queens. Happy (my) birthday, Ma!” he captioned the image of him butt-naked on a ski slope. We’ve heard of people asking others to “send nudes” on their birthday, but maybe the new trend should be treating the world to yourself nude on your big day.

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4. Adonis Underwear Introduces Its New Spokespeople (Style & Stuff)

Maybe you’ve never heard of the Adonis by Kyhry underwear label, but it’s officially on the tips of tongues this week as the clothing line recently unveiled a marketing campaign featuring real-life Atlanta gay couple Johnnell Terrell and Tyrone Wells. They guys both have large Instagram followings, and it’s not difficult to see why. “I wanted to show two guys that are comfortable with embracing each other,” says Adonis founder Kyhry Taylor about why he chose the couple. And Terrell has noted that white men are typically given the bulk of opportunities in the underwear modeling realm, marking this as an important moment in QPOC visibility.

Read the full story here.

5. New Michael Henry Video Spoof’s Liz Taylor’s ‘White Diamonds’ (Video)

Can queer funnyman Michael Henry do anything wrong? (Not if you ask us.) With his latest video the hilarious YouTuber took a break from shining a light on thought-provoking queer issues (the importance of queer spaces, depression, issues with alcohol, the alluring power of men’s butts) to just make us chuckle. Watch as he spoofs the iconic commercial for Elizabeth Taylor’s signature perfume White Diamonds. We’ll just say his “white diamonds” are … different?

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What do you think of the Trump bad news day? Did Gus Kenworthy naked make you drool?