A Florida City Council Meeting Turned Into a Public Shouting Match Over Anal Bleaching

A Florida City Council Meeting Turned Into a Public Shouting Match Over Anal Bleaching

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Usually city council meetings are somewhat dry affairs tackling boring (but important) budget and zoning issues. But a recent public city council meeting in Hallandale Beach, Florida got surprisingly lively after Hallandale Beach Mayor Keith London and City Commissioner Anabelle Lima-Taub got into a fight about sphincter bleaching (also known as anal bleaching). Their fight continued into a second night’s meeting … and there’s even video of it.

NBC Miami reports that after London referred to a longtime city firefighter and union leader as having “a simple mind,” Lima-Taub said, “He works for a living — you don’t. So how you’re going to call a city employee ‘simple minded’ is shameful.”

London responded, “Do you look at my IRS form?… You don’t know what my tax return says, do you?”

When Lima-Taub responded by saying she knew where his earned income came from, London asked, “I’m sure you do. Was it getting my sphincter bleached? Is that what I earn my income for? … OK, no that would be you and your family business.”

He then added, “Congratulations. Sphincter bleaching is a very up-and-coming business. You want to make it personal, commissioner, we’ll make it personal all day long.”

Just to be clear, Lima-Taub says she doesn’t own a sphincter bleaching business although her mother owns a spa that sells skin bleaching cream.

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She has since called the Hallandale Beach Mayor’s comments “a #MeToo moment” and adds that he has made sexually suggestive comments towards her in the past.

Their fight continued into the next meeting at which Lima-Taub demanded an apology, telling the mayor, “You said I do it. You said I bleach my anus. That’s what you said…. You continue to talk about anal bleaching…. what does that have to do with state business?”

As she stormed out of the meeting, Lima-Taub yelled, “You’re a sick, sick man. You’re a pervert. Sick man, sick man you are. Why don’t you tell everyone how you asked my mom to bleach your anus? Why don’t you do that? How you asked for it twice for free?”

Hallandale Beach Mayor Keith London has a history of saying inappropriate things. He once asked if a fellow commissioner was a “migrant worker” and also if a city employee “sucked dick” while in prison. London wears his hair in a ponytail.

What do you think of the Hallandale Beach Mayor and his fight over sphincter bleaching?


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