A Gay Trek Across Europe, Day 3: Chow Down at the Dutch Version of Hamburger Mary’s

A Gay Trek Across Europe, Day 3: Chow Down at the Dutch Version of Hamburger Mary’s

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Nearly every queer person in the United States knows of the fabulously gay food chain Hamburger Mary’s. It’s where many queens who have been on RuPaul’s Drag Race get their start. The restaurant offers shows on shows, overpriced cocktails, burgers and, of course, drag queen bingo. (You can only imagine the mayhem that ensues after a drag queen picks the 0-69 bingo ball from the cage.) Well, there is a Dutch version — like a Hamburger Mary’s Amsterdam — and it’s just … better.

The bar is called Getto Food & Drink. (To be honest, I’m not sure exactly why. So we’re just going to go ahead and set the potentially inappropriate name aside for the rest of the piece.)

Getto is the type of neighborhood establishment that appeals to all sexual orientations and genders, but it’s definitely a hub for gays and queers. Everyone seems to know each other, and everyone — regardless of appearance — mingles with everyone else. (The best comparison I can think of is the Liberty Diner in Queer as Folk.)

While dining there, I saw kids with their moms, a gaggle of drag queens, glitter beards and bears in leather harnesses.

I also ran into this drag queen outside, who took me to another bar to make out with her. (Of course, I had to make out with with her in a way that didn’t mess up her makeup, but I digress…)

All of the burgers at Getto are named after local Dutch drag queens.

I had the Jennifer Hopelezz burger. That’s a candid of me stuffing my face, but isn’t that the cutest little burger with that little sparkly toothpick?)

The bar opened a little over two decades ago, “with a small army of like-minded creative people [who] made this concept into one of Amsterdam’s top ‘unknown’ hotspots.”

Thursday 19th November, Getto Glam! Live entertainment with Getto's Favourite Grand Dame, the Fabulous Victoria False. Starts 21hrs , free entrance.

Posted by Getto Food and Drinks on Monday, November 16, 2015


“Yes,” the Getto site continues, “We want you to feel that you discovered it and keep it your secret.”

Getto — or should I say Hamburger Mary’s Amsterdam — is a must to get a glimpse of the city’s thriving gay local scene.


Have you ever been to Getto Food & Drink in Amsterdam? Sound off in the comments.

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