The Daily Sting, Wednesday: U.S. Hate Crimes Are Surging, Celine Dion Arrested in New Ad

The Daily Sting, Wednesday: U.S. Hate Crimes Are Surging, Celine Dion Arrested in New Ad

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Happy hump day, everyone! Now let’s barrel through some of the day’s top gay headlines, starting with an apparent hate crime surge in the United States. What do people think is behind it? Also, see Celine Dion arrested in a hilarious new commercial for a gender-neutral line of baby clothes.

In other news, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina actor Lachlan Watson breaks down gender myths, Project Runway has something huge planned before it changes networks, and we share the hilarious new video from Michael Henry in which he uncovers an organization we had no idea was lurking in the gay shadows … the gay bottom mafia.

From a hate crime surge Stateside to Celine Dion arrested, here are the day’s big stories:

1. 2017 Hate Crime Surge in United States Saw Reports Up 17% (News)

According to an annual report by the FBI, a hate crime surge in the United States in 2017 saw the number of hate crimes reported increase 17% from the previous year. Two-thirds of those victims were targeted for their race or ethnicity (half of those crimes reported as instances of “anti-black bias”), and other factors include sexual orientation and religion. Also, more law enforcement agencies reported hate crimes in 2017 than ever before.

Others are calling this report of a U.S. hate crime surge under-reported, as nearly 100 large cities didn’t report any hate crime data or claimed no hate crimes were reported, which is unlikely.

2. Project Runway Has a Huge International Announcement for Its ‘All Stars 7’ Season (TV)

For its final season on the Lifetime network (before it shifts over to Bravo), Project Runway All Stars is looking to name a world champion. Included on the season will be seven U.S. designers and seven from the various international versions of the hit reality competition show. Each of the 14 have won their respective seasons. Alyssa Milano will be returning as the show’s host, and judges will include Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman, former wife of disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. The season will premiere Jan. 2, 2019.

3. ChAOS’ Lachlan Watson Joins Other Non-Binary Actors to Bust Through Gender Myths (Culture)

“We’re telling a queer story, but we’re telling it right because they’re listening to me,” says Lachlan Watson, who plays the queer character Susie on the hit Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Watson, who identifies as non-binary, recently sat down with other queer actors for a video in which they discuss myths around gender identity and sexual orientation. “I identify as both non-binary and pansexual,” Watson says, “which are two very fancy ways of saying I don’t care.”

4. Celine Dion Arrested in New Ad for Genderless Baby Clothing Line (Celebrities)

After this music video for a track on the Deadpool 2 soundtrack, we knew Celine Dion had a sense of humor about herself, and she’s put it to great use in a new commercial for the baby clothing line NUNUNU she’s collaborating with. In the video, we watch as the musical icon “de-genders” a hospital wing full of newborns — right before we see her get taken down by security. The ad is hilarious, and we completely approve of the CELINUNUNU collection, too!

5. Are You a Member of the Gay Bottom Mafia? (Video)

Is your entire sexual persona defined by that beard on your face? In the hilarious new video from queer comedy master Michael Henry, he runs into an old friend who has … changed. As a formerly femme man now sporting facial hair, his friend is literally being hunted by a bunch of hungry, hungry bottoms, better known as the “gay bottom mafia.” It takes quite a bit of convincing to get these park-cruising bottoms to back off, but you’ll never believe what finally does it.

What do you think of America’s hate crime surge? And Celine Dion arrested in her hilarious new commercial? And are you part of the gay bottom mafia?

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