The Daily Sting, Monday: Poland Considers Anti-Gay Law, Rihanna Keeps Trump From Her Music

The Daily Sting, Monday: Poland Considers Anti-Gay Law, Rihanna Keeps Trump From Her Music

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It’s a new week, which means new headlines, and we’ve got the queerest stories of the day lined up for you here. Let’s start in Poland, where the president is considering a homosexual propaganda law similar to what Russia has on the books. And Rihanna wins her dispute against Donald Trump in which the U.S. president was playing her music at campaign rallies.

In other news, Kylie Minogue has opened up about that trademark battle with Kylie Jenner in 2016, an NBA star has been fined for saying “no homo” during a post-game interview and a gay Latino man is at the center of a recent confrontation with Fox News talking head Tucker Carlson.

From a potential Polish homosexual propaganda law to Rihanna’s win, here are the day’s top headlines:

1. Poland’s President Is Considering an Anti-Gay ‘Homosexual Propaganda Law’ (World)

Poland President Andrzej Duda

Some people are worried that Poland may look a lot more like Russia when it comes to its repression of the LGBTQ community, as Polish President Andrzej Duda recently gave an interview in which he said of “gay propaganda” that “this kind of propaganda should not take place in schools, it has to be calmly and consistently opposed.” He also said he would “approach it seriously” referring to a homosexual propaganda law similar to Russia’s, which has been in place since 2013.

This follows an incident that took place in Poland on Oct. 26 called “Rainbow Friday” in which students came to school dressed in rainbow to bring awareness to LGBTQ issues — despite a government ban on the event.

2. NBA Player Nikola Jokic Fined $25K for ‘No Homo’ Press Conference Comment (Sports)

Nikola Jokic

The NBA has fined Denver Nuggets basketball player Nikola Jokic $25,000 fine for “derogatory and offensive language” during a recent post-game interview. The athlete, from Serbia, was speaking about Chicago Bulls player Wendell Carter Jr. and said, “He took two 3 [pointers] today. … No homo, he’s longer than you expected.” Denver’s coach is defending his player, saying “Give the kid a break. … He made a mistake, he’s paying for it, get off his back a little bit. He’s a great kid. He loves everybody, and he meant no offense to anybody.”

3. Kylie Minogue Opens Up About 2016 Trademark Dispute With Kylie Jenner (Celebrities)

Kylie Minogue (left) and Kylie Jenner

Appearing on an Aussie radio show yesterday, pop icon Kylie Minogue revealed details about her 2016 trademark dispute with reality TV star Kylie Jenner, who attempted to trademark the name “Kylie.” The legal documents against Jenner’s attempt reportedly refer to her as a “home-schooled graduate” and a “secondary reality TV personality,” though Minogue is quick to claim she wasn’t behind those characterizations and was “upset” when she heard them. About the legal tussle, Minogue says, “I didn’t want there to be any trouble about it, but we did have to handle it so everything was taken care of very nicely I have to say.”

4. Rihanna Wins Dispute Over Her Songs Played at Donald Trump Rallies (Music)


Rihanna has won her dispute against Donald Trump’s campaign regarding her songs being played at rallies. Her performing rights company BMI informed the Trump campaign it can no longer use her music at events, removing her music from the blanket license that previously allowed him to do so. Last week Rihanna sent the White House a cease and desist letter after she learned his campaign was playing her 2007 track “Don’t Stop the Music” at campaign rallies. The pop star is one of several artists upset at Donald Trump using their music, and there’s quite a history of musicians disapproving of conservative politicians using their songs.

5. A Gay Latino Man Is at the Center of an Incident Starring Fox News Pundit Tucker Carlson (News)

Tucker Carlson

A gay Latino man named Juan Manuel Granados is claiming Fox News host Tucker Carlson assaulted him at a Virginia country club, argues that Carlson is lying about the incident and says he will be pursuing assault charges. Carlson claims Granados confronted his daughter at a family dinner and called her obscenities; Granados claims that never happened. Carlson claims Granados was never assaulted (though admits his son threw a glass of red wine in Granados’ face, which is indeed assault); Granados says he was assaulted, and there’s video footage to corroborate that. Granados has condemned Carlson’s post-incident statement as “a complete fabrication.” Read more about the incident here.

What do you think about Poland enacting a homosexual propaganda law? And the news that Rihanna wins her dispute against Trump?

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