One Year Since Launching Live Video, Hornet Users Hit 100 Million Streaming Minutes

One Year Since Launching Live Video, Hornet Users Hit 100 Million Streaming Minutes

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West Hollywood, Calif., Sept. 22, 2022 — One year since the launch of Hornet Version 7.5, which introduced video livestreaming to the queer social network’s 35 million-plus users worldwide, Hornet Live has officially surpassed 100 million streaming minutes. More than just an additional way for Hornet users to connect with each other and their community anytime, anywhere, Hornet Live has also proven to be a reliable income source of queer content creators, for whom more than 450,000 cashable awards are sent by fellow users every week. 

Since the app’s launch in 2011, Hornet has always redefined what a “queer app” can be, and over the past year, Hornet Live — launched and operated with ParshipMeet Group’s vPaaS (video Platform as a Service) technology — has proven to be a popular content format for users around the globe, including Hornet’s most popular markets of Turkey, Brazil, Indonesia and Thailand.

Hornet Users worldwide “go live” more than 100,000 times every week. That’s more than 2.5 million minutes of livestreaming weekly, and more than 5.3 million minutes of users viewing livestreams every week. 

Cash payouts to creators continue to explode one year after the launch of Hornet Live

“Finding new ways for Hornet users to authentically express themselves on a platform that feels safe and made for LGBTQ+ people is the crux of what Hornet strives to do on a daily basis,” says Hornet CEO Christof Wittig. “But for us, even more exciting than hitting the 100 million minutes mark for livestreaming is the fact that so many queer content creators have been rewarded for their hard work by their fellow users! We love giving back to our queer community, and what better way to do that than through cold hard cash?!”

All Hornet users around the world are able to livestream as part of Hornet Live, using live video to connect with their communities. An exclusive “Top Streamer” program allows Hornet’s very best broadcasters to reap special perks and benefits, including tips and coaching from the Hornet team’s experts. 

Our favorite Hornet Live stats, one year after launch:

Total streaming minutes during the first year of Hornet Live total 100,196,691 minutes.

More than 106,000 livestreams by Hornet users take place around the world every week. 

Queer content creators spend more than 37,000 hours streaming themselves on Hornet each week, and users spend more than 89,000 hours watching livestreams on Hornet Live each week.

Over 3.9 million chat messages are sent every week on Hornet Live.

More than 450,000 cashable awards are sent to Hornet Live streamers each week.



Hornet Networks is the world’s leading queer tech company, providing a digital home for LGBTQ+ people to safely connect with each other — anytime, anywhere. Amplifying the radical, affirmative power of the queer community with cutting-edge technology, Hornet is a queer social network serving over 35 million users worldwide. Hornet’s wide range of features from video to chat make it easy and safe for queer people to share experiences with a community that understands and validates their lives. More information at

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