Hornet, the World’s Premier Gay Social Network, Landed a New York City Home Over the Holidays

Hornet, the World’s Premier Gay Social Network, Landed a New York City Home Over the Holidays

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Santa came through in a big way for all of us at Hornet in the form of a stunning New York City office. And I mean so brand spankin’ new that it practically came tied up with a ribbon. Our New York team moved into a brand-new space in TriBeCa at the beginning of December. The Hornet NYC office had only just opened prior to our arrival, so everything was shiny and new.

I have spent the majority of my career working in big buildings with a traditional office feel, so when I walked into this space on my first day I was blown away by its bright, airy and wonderfully welcoming vibe — from its common areas outfitted with simple but chic couches (perfect for meetings) to its quiet, comfy nooks for when a bit more privacy is needed.  

The Hornet NYC office has an authentic downtown loft feel — absolutely perfect for a modern media company. There is a 10-foot wall of windows that faces south, with a stunning view of lower Manhattan. (And, yeah, that happens to include the penthouse where Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Blue Ivy and Sir Carter currently call home. Seriously, we’ve spotted them on their rooftop deck a few times.)

Our office is beautifully designed by Anabel Murillo with tasteful Hornet orange accents. We have an open bullpen-style setup, which creates a fun and collaborative spirit. Currently we’re a lean and mean team of five working out of the New York space, but we certainly have plenty of room to grow!

In addition to the open work plan of the Hornet NYC office, the space has its own private, glass-enclosed meeting room with a super sporty couch and state-of-the-art video conferencing capabilities. But the jewel in our crown is an eye-popping four-foot-high, custom-made neon Hornet sign.

I’ve worked in a wide range of office buildings with all sorts of configurations and setups, but this truly tops them all. There’s something so wonderfully warm, intimate and energizing about our space. It’s comfortable, it’s stylish and it feels like home.  


Check out some photos of the new Hornet NYC office:


Photos by Jeff Eason

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