Searching for Guys on Hornet Just Got Restyled and Easier

Searching for Guys on Hornet Just Got Restyled and Easier

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Today, Hornet announced its design refresh which provides more tools via a sticky search bar that moves with you as you scroll to help guys narrow down searches and create a more meaningful connection based on personal preferences. The update also implements a new feature, which the Hornet community has been clamoring for, that allows you to see when a user was last online and if sent messages have reached their intended guy – similar to the “delivered” status on text messages.

Users also have the ability to place themselves in a different location to meet more men, which is perfect for someone going on vacation or moving. The new and improved search bar locks on the page as users scroll through their guys and can easily change filters as they search.

Another way Hornet users can refine their search is by using various #hashtags and setting profile #hashtags, so that others can find what interests they have and vice versa. Hornet premium members will have access to premium filters, which will reveal other guys preferences for sexual position, height, weight and more. By changing the game of “browse guys nearby,” Hornet provides men a more targeted search to find profiles that fit their taste.

Hornet isn’t just about building a network from guys located close to you – it’s about connecting with guys that you want to socialize and engage with. By upgrading your experience beyond just proximity-based browsing, users have access to more tools to find like-minded guys and foster more meaningful connections.

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