This Week’s #HornetGuy, Guilherme, Is a ‘Dreamer’ Who Wants to One Day Win a Grammy

This Week’s #HornetGuy, Guilherme, Is a ‘Dreamer’ Who Wants to One Day Win a Grammy

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It’s time to meet this week’s #HornetGuy! Say hello to Guilherme, a 25-year-old from São Paulo, Brazil. He’s a big fan of music, and he’s got quite the following on Instagram — 5,000 people see what he posts every day! But really, he just loves people.

When we asked him about his ideal weekend, he said he’d like to spend it on a trip with friends. He explains, “I love traveling with friends. I’ve always been someone who likes being near other people.”

Guilherme’s a true people-person, which helps in his career. In the advertising industry, it’s important to know how to connect with people so they’ll listen to your message. We have no doubt that Guilherme could sell just about anything. Wouldn’t you buy just about anything from this handsome guy?

Guilherme has been using Hornet for the past five years. He even found an ex-boyfriend with us — and though they’re broken up, they’re still friends. He says meeting his ex was “One of the best things that happened in my life!”

Guilherme finds the best thing about Hornet is meeting nice people — but he’s not coy, either. His favorite Hornet feature would be the private photos — and, with a devilish grin, he adds that he loves being able to look for people in other states and countries.

If loyalty is important to you — and it should be — Guilherme could be the guy for you. He says “Deep down, I’m a very nice and loyal person,” adding, “I’m a friend for all time.” But he’s also fun — he says he can definitely be a clown because “I’m always having fun, and I love making people laugh.”

And you’ll have a lot to talk about. “I’m always rambling and creating stories in my head,” Guilherme, a self-described dreamer, says. But he uses those dreams to creative ends. Ever the music fan, he says, “One day I want to win a Grammy.” And maybe he will!

If you want to spark a conversation and connect with Guilherme, follow him on Hornet: @guicesca.

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