This Week’s #HornetGuy, Jose, Loves Nightlife But Wants to Cook and Chill

This Week’s #HornetGuy, Jose, Loves Nightlife But Wants to Cook and Chill

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Meet this week’s #HornetGuy, Jose Alcántara, a 24-year-old from Mexico City. He says he’s “dedicated” to nightlife, clubs and parties. But despite his party guy exterior, he’s also a homebody who’s looking for new guys to cook with or to enjoy a nice movie at home — sign us up.

Born and raised in Mexican capital, Jose enjoys walking his dog outdoors while checking out sexy guys exercising around the neighborhood. He also enjoys going out with friends to have fun and crack jokes on the city streets.

Jose describes himself as direct. He says, “I say what I think or feel when I like it or not: Good or bad, funny or boring in life, you have to take the risk to win.”

He continues, “When I’m not doing pranks I like to be at home watching movies, and what’s better when it’s in the company of someone and more if it’s sexy.”

He has been a member of the Hornet community for five years now and likes the fact that Hornet gives users the ability to see guys anywhere in the world, whether in his hometown of Mexico City or abroad. He also says that he has met several fun guys on Hornet, including “one of my greatest loves.”

In fact, he’s still interested in meeting people for dating, friendship or something fun and casual. “Any possibility pleases me,” he says. But he can also be tender and loving.

“My perfect weekend would be outside my city in some quiet place some magical town or maybe in another city with some guy who I have chemistry with,” Jose says.

“Someone who is spontaneous, fun and who can keep my step and madness any time of the day. I can go from watching a movie and lying down to swimming in the early morning. I like to be together and make it fun.”

If you want to spark a conversation and connect with Jose, you can follow him on Hornet: @ow8ma.

You, too, can be a #HornetGuy. All you have to do is sign up here.

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