LGBTQ People Can Travel the World Safely and Confidently With IGLTA’s New Travel Guides

LGBTQ People Can Travel the World Safely and Confidently With IGLTA’s New Travel Guides

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Traveling the world is something we all love to do — or, for many of us, would love to be able to do. But unlike straight tourists, when it comes to international travel LGBTQ people have an additional set of circumstances to consider. It’s still illegal to be gay in more than 70 countries worldwide, which means knowing a bit about where you’ll be touching down on your trip is of the utmost importance. And that’s just one of the reasons why the world’s leading international LGBTQ travel association has unveiled a series of IGLTA travel guides. These guides are meant to help queer people traverse the globe safely and with confidence.

“The LGBTQ+ community faces an even bigger challenge as LGBTQ+ acceptance, laws and protections vary widely around the globe,” says the landing page for these IGLTA travel guides. “This set of travel guides was designed to provide you with a brief overview of each country, including some of the most popular destinations and attractions. You’ll learn about the best times to visit, events and tours available, and up-to-date insights on LGBTQ+ laws and protections in each country.”

Five of the world’s seven continents are represented in these IGLTA travel guides, from Asian and Middle East nations to popular South and North American destinations. If you have a trip planned already — or are seeking inspiration for your next big trip — you’ll find a guide that can help you plan.

Looking to plan your very first trip to Africa? The IGLTA travel guides include a comprehensive breakdown of South Africa, which happens to be a world leader when it comes to LGBTQ anti-discrimination policies. The South Africa travel guides breaks down the seasons and the destination’s most popular times of the year to visit, plus a list of interesting attractions, travel tips and safety considerations for LGBTQ visitors.

IGLTA even recommends individual city guides for destinations around the world, which include some of the well-crafted travel content by Hornet’s own editorial team.

These IGLTA travel guides are a great new resource for the world travelers among us, and Hornet encourages you to put them to good use!

Head here to find the full series of IGLTA travel guides, and here to find Hornet’s own travel content.

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