Hornet Just Announced the Ability to Award Your Favorite Posts Using New In-App Currency Honey

Hornet Just Announced the Ability to Award Your Favorite Posts Using New In-App Currency Honey

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Hornet’s latest release, which will be rolled out to all users in the coming week (or can be immediately used at hornet.com), brings an exciting new update: new virtual in-app currency Honey, which allows users to give awards to their favorite posts in the feed.

Using Honey to award another user’s content is a way to show appreciation — and your attention — for what you think is a great post. You can do so by clicking on the award icon below the post in your feed. Different awards have different denominations, so you get to decide exactly how much of an award you want to give.

Awards are credited with Hornet Points (HP), just like Hornet community contributions in programs like beta testing, translation, or moderators who receive points from Hornet itself. These Hornet Points you award to other users — and that are awarded to you — can then be redeemed in the Hornet Shop.

Awards come in various denominations, giving you options regarding what type of award — and how much — you’d like to give another user’s post.

You can access your own Honey and check your Hornet Points balance right from your profile. (Just click on the rainbow hexagon icon.) And you can easily navigate to the Hornet Shop to check out redeemable products as well as other merchandise — things like Hornet Premium, tons of Hornet merch and even Amazon gift cards — available for sale with HP or cash. The Hornet Shop is also directly accessible here.

For even more info about Honey, Hornet’s new awards and Hornet Points, you can check out hornet.com/awards.

Hornet plans to expand on the Honey in-app virtual currency in future updates, so stay tuned for more exciting announcements!

Hornet Version 6.11 is available for free download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and on the web at hornet.com.

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