In India, a Young Guy Slit His Older Lover’s Throat During Sex and Stole His Money

In India, a Young Guy Slit His Older Lover’s Throat During Sex and Stole His Money

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A 21-year-old man named Amaan Gopal Kavitiya living in Colva, India (on the country’s west coast) has confessed to slitting his 53-year-old bisexual lover’s throat while the two had sex. His lover, a man named Baptisto D’Costa, was married to a woman. According to police, the Indian murder might’ve happened over an abusive relationship with a side-goal of stealing the older man’s riches.

Goa Police Service officer Arvind Gawas said D’Costa was sexually involved with with Kavitiya — a young man who worked as a driver for a construction firm — as well as one of D’Costa’s male employees.

The two met in October 2017. And though Kavitiya allegedly began sleeping with D’Costa for money, police say that D’Costa grew more demanding of Kavitiya’s time and body after Kavitiya borrowed some money from him.

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According to The Times of India, Gawas said that D’Costa often forced Kavitiya into “homosexual relations” and that Kavitiya eventually got tired of D’Costa’s “perverse sexual demands” and decided to murder him.

Gawas provided details of the Indian murder:

Kavitiya purchased some drinks and chicken dishes before the duo proceeded to Betalbatim beach. After a round or two of drinks, the deceased indulged in sexual activities. Finding D’Costa in a vulnerable position, Kavitiya took out a knife and slit D’Costa’s throat and stabbed him in the neck. He died instantly.

After D’Costa died, Kavitiya reportedly stole 10,000 Rupees ($156) and gold ornaments from D’Costa’s body and fled.

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India is at a tumultuous crossroads for gay rights. Its Supreme Court is still considering the constitutionality of a law criminalizing consensual same-sex relationships, LGBTQ people cannot donate blood, so called “anti-Romeo” vigilante squads publicly hunt same-sex couples for arrest and the country banned a gay film.

But on the positive side, India recently aired its first LGBTQ radio show, a 2017 Pride parade in near Bangalore attracted nearly 7,000 attendees and India’s openly gay crown prince announced the opening of an LGBTQ center on royal grounds.


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