San Francisco Has Its Own Inflatable Trump, Set to Sail Around Infamous Alcatraz Prison

San Francisco Has Its Own Inflatable Trump, Set to Sail Around Infamous Alcatraz Prison

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When Donald Trump visited London for his first-ever presidential visit earlier this month, protestors there greeted him with a 20-foot “Trump Baby Blimp” showing the angry orange-skinned man in a diaper with his trademark blond hairdo and a cellphone in his right hand (probably tweeting). This perfect symbol, full of hot air, may soon find its way to American shores as a Latinx social worker in New Jersey has successfully crowd-sourced the funds to manufacture one. And there’s another 33-foot blimp already on U.S. shores — an inflatable Trump chicken, showing the poultry-fied president dressed as a convict, and it’ll float around famous Alcatraz prison just off the coast of San Francisco, California.

The inflatable Trump chicken is actually modeled after one unveiled in northern China in December 2016, shortly after Trump’s election. At that time, a shopping mall in Taiyuan erected a 23-foot rooster statue with Trump’s hairdo, partly in anticipation of the Chinese zodiac’s Year of the Rooster (which began January 28, just eight days after that cock’s inauguration).

The Chinese based real-estate company actually contacted Seattle-based American artist Casey Latiolais to create the statue, but they didn’t ask him to make it resemble Trump. Nonetheless, his statue went viral and has apparently inspired San Francisco activists to keep the image going.

The Trump Baby Blimp flown in London during Trump’s recent visit

The inflatable Trump chicken will wear a black-and-white striped convict shirt with the number 45 on it (referencing Trump as the 45th U.S. president). It hopes to set sail this coming Sunday around San Francisco Bay starting at 11:30 a.m. and will start its sea-faring journey at Hyde Street Harbor, then travel around the Embarcadero, near Alcatraz, the Ferry Building and possibly McCovey Cove.

But in order for the voyage to happen, the project still needs to raise $1,877 of its $4,000 goal. According to the inflatable Trump chicken GoFundMe page, “We want to give you a chance to speak your piece [sic] to the Chicken President when we sail our 33-foot bird in his Prisoner45 shirt slowly down the Embarcadero and further south. … As he sails past, you can say anything you want to President Chicken. You can mock and squawk and swear like you’ve never sworn before in a proud expression of your First Amendment right.”

The inflatable Trump chicken has made prior appearances — at the San Francisco Tax March in April and at the White House this past February.

There’s also a now completed GoFundMe campaign to help bring the U.K.’s inflatable Trump baby blimp to Trump’s planned military march on Nov. 10 in Washington, D.C. So keep your eyes peeled — inflatable Trump protest balloons may pop up in your next local protest.

What do you think of the inflatable Trump chicken?

Featured image by Steve Maller via GoFundMe

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