This Nude Instagrammer Uses His Butt to Benefit Progressive Charities (NSFW)

This Nude Instagrammer Uses His Butt to Benefit Progressive Charities (NSFW)

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Mr. Outdoors is a hunky nude Instagrammer with over 80K followers and it’s easy to see why: His revealing photographs of him baring his behind in nature have caught the eyes (and thirst) of many admirers. But he’s not just flashing his cakes for followers, he’s also using his butt for good by raising money for different progressive charities.

If you visit and purchase a print of one of Mr. Outdoors’ photos, he’ll donate 50% of his profits to one of the following charities: Planned Parenthood, a reproductive health clinic that provides mammograms, cervical screenings and reproductive healthcare to women and people with vaginas; the American Civil Liberties Union, the U.S. civil rights organization that battles unconstitutional laws (like Trump’s anti-Muslim travel ban); or Black Lives Matter, the movement opposing institutional violence committed against black people on a local, national and international level.

Mr. Outdoors himself says that he started his Instagram account as a fun thing for himself, but “it quickly grew into something I didn’t plan or expect.” He continues:

“I really appreciate all the kind words and compliments from all my followers. And while I have a lot of fun adventuring au naturel and documenting it, I figured, especially in today’s political and social climate, it’s time to put this butt to work and hopefully make even the slightest difference… Otherwise, what’s the point?”

Interestingly, his isn’t the only do-gooder Instagram account featuring butts. There’s also The Travelin’ Bum, an account dedicated to improving mental health by encouraging people to embrace their own true selves while snapping pictures of their bare butts on vacation.

Anyway, let’s enjoy some of Mr. Outdoors’ posterior pics!

We know a thing of natural beauty when we see it…

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