Gay NYC Artist Attacked on Subway Platform, Community Steps Up to Offer Help
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Gay NYC Artist Attacked on Subway Platform, Community Steps Up to Offer Help

Written by Stephan Horbelt on August 06, 2019
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Jeremy Sorese is a New York City-based cartoonist and writer who works as an illustrator for The New York Times among other big-name clients. On the morning of Thursday, Aug. 1, he was the victim of a heinous crime that is considered by many big-city dwellers to be a “worst nightmare” scenario, a subway attack.

While Sorese was waiting to board the F train at the Broadway-Lafayette station in Manhattan, he was attacked and thrown onto the subway tracks. He suffered a broken hip in addition to other injuries and is currently in the hospital undergoing treatment.

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Since Instagram makes it difficult to understand who someone is beyond their most recent post (and since I learned that my website link hasn’t been working for who knows how long) I’d like to introduce myself! My name is Jeremy Sorese and I’m a cartoonist living in NYC. I like Cartoonist because it feels less bloated than Illustrator or Painter or Artist. My first book ‘Curveball’, a Queer Sci-Fi graphic novel about a love sick cocktail waiter on a dinner cruise, was published in the Fall of 2015 with Nobrow. It was nominated for a Lambda Literary award. Right now I’m working on a pseudo sequel, a half prose/half comics Sci-Fi/Horror graphic novel about Queer communities. It’s coming out Fall 2020 with Archaia. I’ve written for Buzzfeed (about ulcerative colitis), Lambda Literary (about Fire Island), Medium (about pets) and Topic (about bondage). I’ve made a series of drawings of fashionable Queers (that I self published as ‘LQQK BQQK’ in 2016) as well as series on people I’ve people watched (that I also self published as ‘You Made My Day’ back in 2016). All of that work is available to read/see on my website for free. Recently I’ve been investing more time to large scale gouache painting though at the moment it's entirely for myself. I’ve also taught; at the college level (Maryland Institute College of Art) and Kindergarten through 5th grade (when I lived in Chicago). Right now I’m finishing up my second year teaching comics after school at a Middle School here in Brooklyn. I have to keep my personal work and my professional life separate so my students don’t have a clue who I am and love to tell me that I have 2 Instagram followers, one being my Mom and the other one that I paid for.

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Following the attack against Jeremy Sorese, friends of his created a GoFundMe page in an attempt to cover some of the exorbitant costs of medical care and his expected lost wages. Sorese will have sole access to the funds raised by the GoFundMe, which had been set for $30,000 but — at the time of this article’s publication — currently surpasses $38,000.

Sorese’s close friends are asking for donations in any amount.

The New York Post obtained video of the aggressor in this recent subway attack, a 41-year-old man whose actions and demeanor that day have led many to believe he’s mentally ill. The man allegedly shoved Jeremy Sorese onto the tracks, fracturing his hip and leaving him with cuts, cops said. The attacker — arrested on charges of assault and resisting arrest — also injured a police officer and stole another subway passenger’s cell phone.

Jeremy Sorese is said to be in stable condition, awaiting surgeries for his arm and hip. The GoFundMe page notes:

He has a long recovery process ahead, but considering the extreme circumstances we are all very grateful. … Though he does have some insurance coverage to help with the immediate medical bills relating to his hospitalization and surgeries, Jeremy will be unable to live normally or work for some time. A cartoonist and writer, he was about to begin a new teaching job, and was finishing his second book. Everything work related is now on hold for the foreseeable future due to the nature of the injuries.

“Your donations will help Jeremy focus on recovery and healing,” the GoFundMe page says.

jeremy sorese subway attack curveball book

Based out of Brooklyn, Jeremy Sorese’s first book, Curveball, was a science-fiction graphic novel published in 2015 and was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award. Sorese also taught as an adjunct professor at the Maryland College of Art in 2016, according to the bio on his website. You can find more of Sorese’s work on his Instagram.

To donate to NYC artist Jeremy Sorese and his medical funds following this subway attack, head here.

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