Surprise: Women Named ‘Karen’ Are Actually More Likely to Vote for Biden

Surprise: Women Named ‘Karen’ Are Actually More Likely to Vote for Biden

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Despite our best efforts, we’ve all had some sort of experience with “a Karen.” Whether it’s been a bad interaction about racism on the internet, working in the service industry, or simply existing as a non-white person in the United States, Karens are everywhere, and you best believe they will tell you off while holding an extra-hot-triple-shot-no-foam-nonfat-3-Splenda-latte in one hand and their tacky Armani knock-off sunglasses in another.

What exactly is the Karen? On the sort of daily, we-can-make-fun-of-this (but still pretty harmful) side of the spectrum, she’s a middle-aged woman with a bad haircut who screams when she doesn’t get her way in a Starbucks and doesn’t understand the concept of microaggressions. On the truly dangerous end, however, Karens use their privilege as a weapon against people of color, “for example, when making police complaints against black people for minor or even — in numerous cases — fictitious infringements.”

And Karens have a 40% chance of voting for Donald Trump.

The New York Times has been conducting battleground state polls over the past couple of months, and they compiled a database of common first names and their presidential candidate preferences.

Among the most common male first names who are more likely to vote for Trump than Biden: Richard, Thomas, William, Michael, Robert, James, John, and David. Among the most common female first names who are more likely to vote for Trump than Biden: Nancy, Jennifer, and Linda.

Karens, however, are actually more likely to vote for Biden than Trump by 20%.

Credit: New York Times

Of course, the 40% who are Trumpster Karens is still highly concerning, because Trump has made it clear on multiple occasions that he hates and disrespects women, and any time I see one of those “WOMEN FOR TRUMP” signs I immediately imagine my soul slowly drifting out of my body and into space like some sort of dying video game character. But that’s just me.

The New York Times has also put together a fun little name quiz to identify the patterns of first names who are backing their preferred candidate, for those of us who want to take a quick break from screaming for, like, a day.

What do you think of these voter preferences? Are you surprised by how Karens are likely to vote?

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