When Porn Gets Political: This Gay Film Star Wasn’t a Fan of His Trumspter Scene Partner

When Porn Gets Political: This Gay Film Star Wasn’t a Fan of His Trumspter Scene Partner

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It’s the juiciest spat between two gay adult film stars we’ve seen in a while: Kurtis Wolfe and Sergeant Miles — scene partners in the Raging Stallion film Shut Up and Fuck Me! that came out in late 2018 — argued back-and-forth on Twitter over the weekend, as accusations of drug use, support for Donald Trump and claims of a fake cumshot were thrown around on Twitter.

Here’s what you need to know as background: The political proclivities of Sergeant Miles, along with controversial statements he’s made in the past, are well-known among those in the industry. Not only does Miles adamantly support Donald Trump (link NSFW), who he says he voted for, but he also believes “Trump supports LGBTQ people.”

Miles has also made insensitive statements about the student survivors of the February 2018 Parkland school shooting, claiming they were “cowering in closets” instead of fighting back. He also believes American “DREAMers” — undocumented youth currently living in America — should be forced to leave the country.

Sergeant Miles (photo courtesy of Lucas Entertainment)

Miles — who shoots gay, straight, trans and bi films — also has a pattern of inappropriately grilling fellow adult film actors over their most recent STI results (link is NSFW), leading more than a few industry co-workers to consider him unprofessional.

Now, this recent Twitter spat (link NSFW) between Sergeant Miles and Kurtis Wolfe began when Miles — replying to a fan on Twitter — said of his scene with Wolfe, “Worst scene partner I’ve ever had the director kept asking him for more energy but he had none cause he had been up partying and doing drugs all week [lack of any punctuation whatsoever his].”

Quite the accusations!

To which Wolfe responded and said he had actually been go-go dancing the previous night at Hustlaball’s main event. That’s also when Kurtis Wolfe pulled all the stops and went straight for the jugular: “I was begged last minute to replace the two scene partners who backed out on your scene because you are a vile human being. My scene rate was even doubled because I was ‘taking one for the team.’”


From there came a lengthy back-and-forth on Twitter. Miles stood by his claim that Wolfe had been on drugs, which Wolfe denies, saying he’s never filmed under the influence. Miles also claimed Wolfe hadn’t been a last-minute replacement but that they’d been booked for the scene together all week.

Kurtis Wolfe (photo courtesy of Raging Stallion)

Sergeant Miles even went so far as to claim that Kurtis Wolfe had to fake his orgasm during their scene together (insinuating it was due to exhaustion from drug use), which would have perhaps been scandalous had Wolfe not already admitted to the fake cumshot in a previous interview (another NSFW link). According to Wolfe, for the first time ever he had to fake his orgasm during their scene together.

This recent spat between Kurtis Wolfe and Sergeant Miles is a reminder for those who enjoy watching porn: sometimes the actors you’re watching on-screen are exactly that — actors. And adult film stars are more than their parts. They are actual humans with sexual preferences, complex personalities and, yes, political beliefs of their own.

Would you be able to have sex on-camera with someone whose political beliefs you despised? Or someone you considered to be a “vile human being”?

What do you think of the social media argument between Kurtis Wolfe and Sergeant Miles?

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