LGBT Token Is Live, Rolling Into a Beta Launch During World Pride on Hornet

LGBT Token Is Live, Rolling Into a Beta Launch During World Pride on Hornet

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The LGBT Foundation released its wallet to select Hornet users, rolling into beta, during World Pride on Thursday, June 27th, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. In a quest to always bring the latest technological advancements to its community, Hornet is the first release partner for the LGBT Token and has integrated the LGBT Wallet.

The LGBT Token is powered on the OST Platform. The OST Platform enables you to embed value into any user action — be it an upvote, a like, a content contribution, a store visit, referral, or a repeat purchase.

They call this “programmable money” and it’s a really big deal. In the current Internet, payments (and money changing hands) comes only at the very end of the user journey. Now, with programmable money, value transfers can happen at any point throughout the user journey, triggered by action.

One of the most obvious first uses for this is with rewards and loyalty which is being piloted with Hornet community perks as a first implementation of the LGBT Token.

The first launch is released to members of the community program at Hornet. The community program is where users will be able to become community contributors whose roles include: an ambassador on behalf of their city, directly affecting curation and local translation of content, a moderator helping improve the app ecosystem, a writer sharing meaningful stories, and the chance to beta test upcoming features. The beta tester program is the first program to have access to the LGBT Token and it will be rolled out to the rest in the future.

The Hornet community offers multiple opportunities for all global users to directly impact Hornet. Users who are interested in helping shape the direction of Hornet will be able to contribute across various aspects of Hornet. The super-users in the community program share a passion for wanting to make an impact on the platform they use. The program allows Hornet users a discussion and a gamification system to reward top contributors in the community.

Integrating the token is exciting news for community members as it will provide even more value to their contributions into the Hornet community.

If you want to be the first to discover it, join the beta testing program here and make sure to join the beta tester conversation to learn how to help us test the new token.

As a beta tester, you can:

You can learn even more about the token itself at the LGBT Foundation website.

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