Gay-For-Pay Performer Malachi Marx Is Back From Retirement, But Is He Ready for More Man Sex?

Gay-For-Pay Performer Malachi Marx Is Back From Retirement, But Is He Ready for More Man Sex?

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This week, gay-for-pay porn star Malachi Marx came out of retirement (for the third time) to perform in a scene with Dave Slick (link NSFW). It’s interesting because Marx has retired and un-retired two times already and in a past interview said, “I’m not gay and I don’t like pornography.”

Marx began working with the porn studio Randy Blue in 2008, four months after starting work as a gay escort. In 2009, he went into retirement — for two months — after revealing that he’d only done gay porn to support his pregnant partner and to research a never-released memoir entitled Gay 4 Pay: The Revealing Life of a Gay Porn Star and Escort. (We’d totally read that.)

Marx came out of his first retirement in 2010 to do another Randy Blue scene, with Roman Todd.

In a 2010 interview, Malachi Marx revealed that in gay porn he’d earn $2,000 for a solo jerk-off scene, $3,500 to let a man blow him and $1,000 to $2,500 for escorting, making about $25,000 a month. He also revealed that he didn’t particularly enjoy it and that it actually made him physically ill:

People ask me, ‘How can you be straight’? You can. It’s just like anybody who worked a job they didn’t enjoy. It’s like being a laborer … I didn’t enjoy it.

It was difficult. There’s this intense heat from the lights shining on you, and four crew people are watching you, and it’s stop-go, stop-go. I had the biggest headache and I came home and I threw up. It fucked me up. There were times when I’d come home sick, I didn’t know who I was.

He said that during his scenes he would mentally fixate on various girlfriends and the money to get through it. In another 2009 interview (link NSFW), he said, “It felt as though I was forcing my body to do something that I didn’t understand or enjoy. It felt like I was tearing my body and mind in two.”

Marx retired again shortly after his scene with Todd and then returned to Randy Blue again in 2015 to fuck Scotty Marx (again, link NSFW). He then retired a third time and now he’s back. Fourth retirement’s a charm?

Marx will appear in a live-cam show this Friday and Saturday evening with Dave Slick, a porn performer who is a Falcon Studios exclusive and winner of the 2017 XBiz Male Cam Model of Year Award.

What do you think of Malachi Marx’s opinion towards gay-for-pay porn? Sound off in the comments.

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