Manspreading Is the Mystifying Topic Tackled in Michael Henry’s Latest Video

Manspreading Is the Mystifying Topic Tackled in Michael Henry’s Latest Video

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One of the central questions in Michael Henry’s latest video, “Do You Manspread?” is whether or not straight manspreaders know that the gay community is staring at their crotches. Henry’s latest video takes aim at the at-best-rude practice of manspreading.

Though it’s a brief comedy sketch, the video raises some good points, though not without bringing the hilarity. The video, stars Henry, Will Hackney and Varut Chee as three gay men on a bench watching Zach Summers aggressively manspread.

The three ask each other philosophical questions about the nature of manspreading. Is it a cultural thing? Is it a straight thing? Does the poor man have severe hip dysplasia?

Henry’s video does bring up a good point by comparing the gay men’s body language with the straight man’s. The three gay men all sit with their legs crossed while Summers’ character tries to take up as much space as humanly possible.

Henry’s character says, “I just think straight guys are taught that the world has no barriers for them, so they should take up as much space they want because it’s theirs to take.”

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Hackney’s character then brings up the question of why they’re all cross-legged: “Do we subconsciously think we don’t deserve as much space as straight guys? … Is it because when we were younger, all our friends were girls and they were told to sit ‘ladylike,’ and we related to them more than the boys, so we also sat ‘ladylike’ and it just stuck with us as adults?”

“Is it because we’re all bottoms?” Chee’s character adds.

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While they never come to a conclusion, at least they get some good ogling in. (And make sure to stick around for the gag at the very end.)


Watch Michael Henry’s Manspreading video below:

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