10 Ice-Melting Pics of Newly Out Figure Skater Matt Evers

10 Ice-Melting Pics of Newly Out Figure Skater Matt Evers

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Matt Evers, a 41-year-old professional American ice skater who appeared on the British reality TV competition series Dancing on Ice and in the 2007 ice skating comedy Blades of Glory, came out as gay in a recent interview. And if you find his coming out story interesting, just wait until you see Matt Evers shirtless.

In the interview, Evers admitted that the current political climate in the United States encouraged him to come out.

“Donald Trump has given a voice to the bullies,” he says. “Trump himself is a bully, and I’m very outspoken about that.”

He continues, “I live my life by example, and I want to show young people that what you feel or how you were born isn’t something bad.”

In the interview, Evers also reveals that his religious Catholic family had “banished” his uncle for being gay. His uncle eventually died to illnesses related to HIV, and Ever says, “I didn’t know I was gay at the time, but when he was dying it hit me really hard that he didn’t know the love of his mum, my grandmother.”

He continues, “I wasn’t aware of why his passing and the thought of him never being accepted by his own family hurt me so much until I realized I was gay. It’s scary, the difference between generations.”

Evers was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, and grew up in Fargo, North Dakota. At age 22, he won the USA Junior Pair Championships and has since appeared in all nine seasons of Dancing on Ice and one season of the Australian version of the show as well.

In addition to ice skating, Evers has acted and modeled throughout his life, landing a small role in the ongoing soap opera General Hospital, a regular role in the Country Music Television (CMT) reality show CowboyU! and has hosted various spots on the Food Network and Travel Channel.


Here are several pcitures of Matt Evers shirtless:

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Gay ice skaters are kind of having a moment recently.

After being named to the United States delegation in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, famed American ice skater Brian Boitano publicly came out as gay. In the run-up to those Olympic Games, openly gay ice skater Johnny Weir was blasted for saying that “the Olympics are not the place to make a political statement” about Russia’s anti-gay laws.

Weir is himself a fan of the anime hit Yuri!!! On Ice, a Japanese cartoon about ice skating that is very gay. We wonder if Evers watches it, too.


Featured image via Matt Evers’ Instagram

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