The Naked Celebrity Experts at Mr. Man Have Awards for All Their Favorite On-Screen Nudity

The Naked Celebrity Experts at Mr. Man Have Awards for All Their Favorite On-Screen Nudity

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If there’s one thing the naked celebrity experts over at Mr. Man know best, it’s … well, naked celebrities. As the ultimate registry of male on-screen nudity — both what pops up in films across the globe and international television series — there’s no one better qualified to hand out the “Manatomy Awards.”

These cheeky awards (pun very much intended) are being handed out for the fifth year now, documenting “2018’s hottest, wildest, and all around most fap-worthy movie and television nudity.” And with 43 Manatomy Awards handed out today, if it was sexy on-screen nudity in 2018 or even just a funny moment featuring a naked celebrity, it’s included in the bunch.

The Manatomy Awards themselves really do span the gamut. Not only are tried-and-true categories like “Best Butt,” “Best Full-Frontal” and “Best Gay Scene” represented, but Mr. Man also got … creative, and not in a safe-for-work way. From “Best Celebrity Taint” and “Cleanest Butthole” to “Best Ass in the Grass,” some of these awards for on-screen nudity are downright shocking!

Best of all, all 43 scenes that have been handed Manatomy Awards are free to view on the Mr. Man site right now. Interested in which actor took home the award for “Best Lifetime Skinchievement”? You’ll just have to go see for yourself. But before you do, let’s take a look at some of our favorite award-winning naked celebrity moments from 2018 and why Mr. Man felt they were particularly worthy.

Here’s some of our favorite on-screen nudity and naked celebrity moments from 2018:

Best Picture: Call Me By Your Name

It was the film the entire LGBTQ community couldn’t stop talking about last year, and while it didn’t feature a ton of naked celebrity time or on-screen nudity, it was the clear favorite to take home this award. Says Mr. Man, “No other movie in 2018 captured the heart (and hard-on) of America quite like Call Me By Your Name! The touching tale brought plenty of tail touching, with stars Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet delivering some of the hottest gay makeouts in cinema history, an explosive cum aftermath on Hammer’s chest, and, of course, the year’s peachiest scene. These two can call us anything they want!

Best Thrusty Buns: Y’lan Noel in Insecure

One of our favorite TV series didn’t shy away from on-screen nudity during a sex scene between Noel and the show’s lead and creator Issa Rae, in this Season 3 premiere.

Best Gay Scene: Josh O’Connor and Alec Secareanu in God’s Own Country

It was one of our favorite films of 2018, a more realistic and raw portrayal than we saw in Brokeback Mountain 13 years earlier. Mr. Man’s take: “In the British flick’s hottest gay sex scene (there were plenty to choose from!) gorgeous actors Josh O’Connor and Alec Secareanu bared their sexy naked bods while getting down and dirty.”

Best Full Frontal: Simon Quarterman in Westworld

Those who are fans of the HBO series Westworld are used to being treated to on-screen nudity, but the best naked celebrity from the series was clearly this sexy Brit. He “gave the second season of Westworld a desperately-needed dong infusion when he acquiesced to robo Thandie Newton’s demands and stripped completely nude!” says Mr. Man.

Best Nude Debut: Chris Pine in Outlaw King

It’s rare for a big-name celebrity to actually bear the goods in a scene of on-screen nudity, but Pine was that guy in 2018. “Audiences were Pine-ing for Chris Pine’s penis ever since he started hyping his frontal scene in Outlaw King,” says Mr. Man. “The final result didn’t quite meet the expectations of thirsty fans, but we think this sexy peek at Chris’ Pine-is easily earns him the year’s Best Nude Debut.”

Best Shower Scene: Felix Kramer and Sebastian Zimmler in Dogs of Berlin

If you’re an English speaker, maybe you didn’t catch this Netflix series. Says Mr. Man, “We love how they casually show off every inch of their stacked bods during their tandem shower. Hey guys, how about DO drop the soap!”

Best Threesome: Jonathan Gregg and Casey Sullivan in High Maintenance

Yet another HBO entry, High Maintenance is another series that doesn’t shy away from on-screen nudity, and this scene, in which Gregg and Sullivan (who play brothers) have a hotel threesome with a woman, had our eyes peeled.

Best Censored Dinklage: Peter Dinklage in My Dinner with Hervé

While technically this one isn’t a naked celebrity moment because there’s a giant black box covering the goods, this TV movie takes home an award for showing “everything but his Dinklage.”

Find the full slate of Manatomy Awards winners — honoring the best in naked celebrity moments and on-screen nudity — here. (Link is obviously NSFW.)

Do you have a favorite naked celebrity or piece of on-screen nudity from 2018?

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