Naked Rugby Players Removed From Facebook for 24 Hours for Promoting New Calendar

Naked Rugby Players Removed From Facebook for 24 Hours for Promoting New Calendar

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It’s hard out there for a naked rugby player! After attempting to promote their annual 2019 calendar on Facebook, The Naked Rugby Players — an organization comprised of six inclusive rugby teams from across the United Kingdom — not only had their post removed by the social media giant, but were told they went against community standards.

According to Facebook, users and groups aren’t allowed to post content containing nudity showing genitals, sexual activity, sexually explicit language or female nipples. The Naked Rugby Players calendar, nor the post promoting it, features any of those things.

In addition to having the calendar promo post removed, the Naked Rugby Players were banned from the platform for 24 hours, unable to comment or post.

The Naked Rugby Players calendar raises money each year for six teams — theBrighton & Hove Sea Serpents, Bristol Bisons, Glasgow Alphas, Liverpool Tritons, Northampton Outlaws and Sheffield Vulcans — and the Balls to Cancer charity foundation, which aims to promote testicular cancer awareness.

Jake Hook, creative director of the Naked Rugby Players calendar, told queer publication TheGayUK, “We take a huge amount of time on photo shoot days to ensure that everybody is comfortable and making absolutely 100% sure that nobody’s genitals are on show. In fact, it is in our agreement with the clubs that take part that we make sure that no one’s genitals will be invisible.”

“Facebook’s ban is obviously disappointing,” he says. “We are so proud of this calendar and the message that it gives. Be proud of your body, be proud of your sexuality and be comfortable in your own skin.”

This incident of course follows an official push by Tumblr to no longer allow adult content on its platform, a move that disproportionately affects LGBTQ people.

The Naked Rugby Players calendar is available for purchase for £10 with free shipping, here.

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