New Hornet Campaign: The #5YearChallenge

New Hornet Campaign: The #5YearChallenge

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Hey, Featured Guys!

For the month of March, we’ve got a brand-new campaign for each of you to join! We’d love to see you guys post your own #5YearChallenge photo collages.

The format is simple: On the left is a photo of you from five years ago. On the right is a photo of you today. In your caption, in addition to using the hashtag #5YearChallenge (a must!), say a bit about the two photos — the differences between the ‘you’ of five years ago and today, maybe what you’ve learned about yourself in that time, how you’ve grown or evolved, or whatever you think makes sense.

Using the #5YearChallenge tag in your caption will make this new sticker appear on your post:

Also, in your caption, encourage your followers and fellow Hornet users to create a #5YearChallenge post of their own. We’d really like to see this campaign take off not just with our amazing Featured Guys but with all Hornet users!

Chances are that you already have a photo-editing app on your phone that will allow you to create this simple side-by-side photo collage. But if not, or if you’re looking for a good quality photo editor app, try checking out Pic Stitch (iOS) or PicCollage (Android).

We’d love to see you guys share a few #5YearChallenge posts throughout the month of March!

And as always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us! Our Executive Editor, Stephan, is always available to answer questions and offer suggestions. You can find him in the app @stephanLA.

In fact, here’s his #5YearChallenge post, which he posted on Monday to kick-off the new campaign!


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