Room to Grow: Hornet Lands a Home in New York City

Room to Grow: Hornet Lands a Home in New York City

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December marked the beginning of a new chapter for Hornet Media as the company officially opened its new U.S. headquarters.

Located in the TriBeCa neighborhood of lower Manhattan, the Hornet office is home to the newly expanded Sales and Marketing team under the supervision of SVP, Global Sales Matthew Smith.

But the well-appointed office will also serve as the hub of Hornet’s U.S. operations, hosting staff and executives from the company’s international teams.

The office comes with all the essentials needed to do business — a comfortable and convenient space that has been outfitted to meet the needs of this fast-paced media company.

Designed by Anabel Murillo, the Hornet office’s simple yet stylish setup boasts plenty of room to grow. The space is laid out in an open bullpen style, allowing for maximum team interaction and collaboration. It’s a true hallmark of Hornet’s corporate culture.

In addition to the open work plan, Hornet has a private, glass-enclosed, state-of-the-art meeting room featuring a four-foot-high, custom-made neon Hornet sign.

The brand-new TriBeCa office is a fitting way for Hornet to enter 2018 — a new year and a new home designed for serious business.


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