Hornet Commissioned First Study from Nielsen to Determine Impact of LGBTQ-Themed Advertising

Hornet Commissioned First Study from Nielsen to Determine Impact of LGBTQ-Themed Advertising

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New study from the world’s leading gay social network finds that LGBTQ themed ads garner more brand trust, brand recall and purchase intent

Hornet, the world’s premier gay social network, today released its first-ever research with Nielsen around the efficacy of LGBTQ-themed branded advertising on the LGBTQ consumer. The custom study, which Hornet commissioned from Nielsen in 2017, examines advertising content across various industries including consumer packaged goods, hospitality, automotive and banking.

“With this study, we hope to help brands improve their marketing and advertising as it relates to the LGBTQ community,” said Sean Howell, President and Co-Founder of Hornet. “Our community is one of the most highly sought-after demographics, and creating campaigns that speak directly to this consumer with authentic and inclusive messaging is what distinguishes brands from general market advertising.”

In addition to better understanding the consumer impact of LGBTQ-themed ads, the study also specifically evaluates the effectiveness of a variety of ad creative from brands that feature messages of inclusion, equality and diversity. The effectiveness is compared against that of generic ad creative from the same brands that do not feature LGBTQ-targeted messaging. By using an online design, the study measures both advertising effectiveness and engagement. Key brand effectiveness measures brand recall, brand familiarity and affinity, purchase intent and recommendation intent and brand attributes.

Amongst its key findings:

60% of people exposed to LGBTQ-themed ads labeled them as “progressive and inclusive”

Purchase impact from LGBTQ-themed ads is 44% higher

75% of the LGBTQ-themed ads tested outperform generic ads in driving brand recall

Of those surveyed, 73% agreed they don’t mind paying extra for a premium product or service

To see the study in its entirety please click here.

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