14 Companies That Are Currently Offering Incentives to Members of the National Rifle Association

14 Companies That Are Currently Offering Incentives to Members of the National Rifle Association

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Update: Hertz has severed its relationship with the NRA.

The National Rifle Association is not exactly one of the most popular organizations right now, and no wonder, considering the way they’ve doubled down. Yesterday, NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre made gross comments about how a “socialist agenda” will take away Americans’ guns. (We should be so lucky.) Still, 15 companies continue to support the organization by offering NRA member incentives. Really?

Better news: 10 companies that previously offered NRA member incentives have cut ties with the NRA. (Though we have to wonder why they were with them in the first place. After all, the NRA being absolutely terrible is nothing new.) Still, we’ve got to give them credit for doing the right thing … eventually.

These 14 companies are still doling out NRA member incentives:

1.-2. Rental car companies Avis, Budget

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If you’re an NRA member who needs to rent a car, don’t worry! Hertz, Avis and Budget will all offer you 25% off! Hertz will even include other perks like “bonus savings!” And if you’re looking to buy a car, you’re good there too because of…


3. TrueCar

This is a service matching cars with buyers, and NRA members can “save an average of $3,383 off MSRP!” Joy!


4.-5. Moving companies Allied Van Lines and NorthAmerican Van Lines

If your neighbors are so disgusted by your continued support of an organization that argues even assault rifles are a right granted by God to all Americans, you can move for cheap! Both Allied and NorthAmerican — owned by the same parent company — will cut you a discount!


6. FedEx

NRA Business Alliance members can mail their packages for up to 26% off. (Some companies have even stopped sending out their orders with FedEx over this connection.)


8.-10. Health care companies LifeLine Screening, Starkey Hearing Technologies, Medical Concierge Network, eHealth

Given how guns aren’t exactly conducive to human health, this makes sense. LifeLine is a preventative health screening company, while eHealth is an insurance exchange. The Medical Concierge Network provides “personal health advisory services,” whatever those are. Though the one that makes the most sense is the connection with Starkey Hearing Technologies, a hearing-aid manufacturer, perfect for when you go deaf from firing your guns without proper ear protection!


11.-12. Insurance companies Life Insurance Central and Lockton

Owning life insurance is a pretty good idea for gun owners (who are more likely to be shot and killed). Of course, Life Insurance Central’s offering higher payouts for NRA members, so maybe that’s not the best business model?

On the other hand, there’s Lockton, which offers special NRA Carry Guard insurance. So if an NRA member uses a gun for self-defense and gets “caught in a legal nightmare” — which is a funny way of saying “kills or injures someone” — they’ll pay out. Ugh.


13.-14. ManageUrID and Wild Apricot

These two companies don’t have anything to do with each other, other than they caused us to say “Wait, who?” Apparently Wild Apricot makes membership software for small businesses and clubs — we guess if you’re starting a gun club, Wild Apricot can help with that. ManageUrID protects your “privacy and financial security.” No wonder we don’t have any jokes for these guys.



What do you think about these NRA member incentives? Sound off in the comments below.

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