Here’s How to Throw Your Own ‘To Wong Foo’-Worthy Strawberry Social

Here’s How to Throw Your Own ‘To Wong Foo’-Worthy Strawberry Social

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Of The Night co-founders Courtney and Blakeshine are devoted to creating perfect themed parties. During a year when isolation and social distancing has halted many of our social lives, their at-home party packages are innovative, fun and philanthropic — with 10% of the profits going to a different nonprofit organization with each new package. For June, the Of The Night Strawberry Social package is an homage to the iconic drag film To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar.

And yes, it is every bit as delightful as it sounds.

The Strawberry Social is a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community and Pride Month. It includes food. It includes costumes. It includes décor. And possibly most important of all, it includes a framed photo of Julie Newmar.

The description of this Of The Night Strawberry Social package reads:

It’s here. You’re here. WE ARE ALL HERE. And it is PRIDE Month. In honor of the magnum opus of the film To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar, our June Strawberry Social party package embodies everything we love about drag — theatricality, music, acceptance, fierce fashion and fruit.

With this Of The Night party package, may we all embrace our inner diva and celebrate everything under this month’s Strawberry Full Moon!

Of The Night believes that “having fun and doing good should be synonymous.” Proceeds from this Of the Night Strawberry Social package will benefit WayOUT, an LGBTQ+ nonprofit dedicated to empowering queer youth. With chapters in the Bay Area, NYC, Seattle and L.A., WayOUT has raised over $750K since 2016 to invest in LGBTQ+ centers in local communities. You can learn more about WayOUT’s mission and how to get involved here.

And you can order the Of the Night Strawberry Social package (available to ship throughout the United States) and see Of The Night’s previous offerings here. Packages ship out on June 20, and only 50 packages will be sold.

Whether you can get out to some Pride Month events or not this June, this all-in-one party package is sure to improve your month. (And we wouldn’t mind an invite, either.)

Have you checked out Of The Night’s party packages yet?

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