When Is It OK to Travel Again?

When Is It OK to Travel Again?

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Everyone loves to travel, but traveling to different countries, or even regions of your own country, seems impossible right now. Part of that is because it is impossible. Many countries have closed off their borders. And we get why, but we can’t help but feel bummed from that reality. And even when travel is allowed again, will LGBTQ people be some of the first to book a plane ticket? Most importantly, though, when will it be OK to travel again?

When will gays go to beach trips, jungle excursions, destination weddings, and more? Well, that’s hard to say. And here’s why. There are three factors impacting this question. When will we be allowed to travel again? When will we feel comfortable traveling again? When will the right traveling options show up? But let’s break those three ideas down.

When Will We Be Allowed To Travel?

At the very heart of this issue is a fast spreading disease. We’re living in the middle of a pandemic, people. That means we have to be mindful of what health experts say. And right now health experts say it’s not good to put ourselves in unnecessary danger. We have to be active in our health and the health of others. We already had to follows rules at the airport and on a plane, and now we have more of them. That includes checking our temperature while traveling and self-quarantining after traveling.

And as I explained earlier, some countries have banned travel from other nations. If you’re planning to go to Japan or Spain, you should look up those countries’ travel guidelines. You might not be allowed to travel there for several more months. I know, that might be frustrating to see. But again, this is about the greater good.

When Will We Feel Comfortable Traveling?

This is also a very personal issue. When will you feel comfortable traveling again? While this is a question that only each individual person can answer, those thoughts combined can greatly affect business. For instance, movie theaters have pushed back their resurgence yet again. Tenet and Wonder Woman: 1984 were both trying to release this summer. But this week, they both moved to the fall season. This is because the public opinion seems to be that people won’t be comfortable going to theaters in the next few months.

Taking it back to the world of travel, people probably won’t want to travel unless they have to. Part of that means that those who do decide it’s OK to travel will not be in crowded planes. But it also means airlines will suffer for the rest of the year.

When Will the Right Transportation Options Arise?

Because of the lack of riders, travel options will be pretty cheap for some time. Prices are very low at the moment. For just a few hundred bucks, you can go anywhere you want (border restrictions allowing). However, as COVID-19 restrictions lesson, prices will increase.

Conversely, airlines will start flying more often as we get later into the year. Right now, prices are cheap because fewer people are flying and fewer planes are needed for flying. As demand rises, so will airlines providing options and the prices they’ll charge for that service.

But part of that’s good. With more airlines and planes running, more people will be working and making a living again. Plus, more airlines will be liable for any problems that arise. We know business. If anything gets in the way of a business’s bottom line, they will be furious! So airlines will be very careful with their customers.

When Can You Travel?

As Jack Ezon, CEO and founder of the travel agency Embark Beyond, puts it: “In travel, there has always been a high season, a low season, and a shoulder season. We are in a wait-and see season.”

Right now, there’s no real word on when it will be OK to travel again. Really, you have to think of the above three factors. What do health experts and lawmakers say about you traveling? How do you feel about traveling? What are your options for traveling? Take all three into account and see if it’s the right time for you. If you don’t like your answers, then you might have to wait a month or two. 

That might suck, but it’s your health and safety that’s everyone’s top priority. Don’t worry, the world isn’t going anywhere. Hopefully. In the meantime, know that you’ll get to travel again in the future. Your plane ticket is just waiting in the wings.

What do you think? When will it be OK to travel?

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