This Guy Traveled All the Way to South Korea Just to Run Half-Naked Through the Winter Olympics

This Guy Traveled All the Way to South Korea Just to Run Half-Naked Through the Winter Olympics

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While athletes come from around the world to set records at the Winter Olympics, a British man named Mark Roberts set a record of his own yesterday at the Winter Games. Roberts, a man now known as the Olympic streaker, interrupted the men’s 1,000-meter speed skating event to run across the ice wearing nothing more than a pink tutu, a monkey face over his genitals and the words “Peace + Love” written on his hairy chest — truly a message for world unity.

Moments after crawling over the glass barricade onto the ice, Roberts shed his clothing and took a few steps before slipping and falling down.

According to Yahoo Sports, Roberts is a self-proclaimed “baredevil” who has streaked at 562 events in 22 different countries. Roberts told Yahoo Sports that he streaks because he loves feeling the energy of the cheering crowd. However, he added, he tries not to interrupt sports happening on field because, “I’m a professional.”

Sadly, it seems as if the arena wasn’t very full when Roberts pulled off his stunt — so much for the cheering crowd.

However, one home viewer caught a glimpse of Roberts falling on live TV. Let’s all enjoy it (below):

Roberts appeared in the 2013 TV documentary, Streak! The Man Who Can’t Keep His Clothes On. A review of the documentary said, “The sponsorship money [Roberts] used to attract [has] dried-up and with his embarrassed children begging him to stop.”

The documentary revealed that Roberts has streaked off and on throughout the last 20 years as a way to escape his humdrum existence. It also revealed that Roberts not only streaks sporting events but also the occasional breakfast TV show, so watch out for that.

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If streaking were an Olympic sport, Roberts might have a decent chance of winning gold, but he should definitely work on his footing — the judges will definitely count off points for his slip on the ice. His costume, however, was flawless.

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Featured image by Lacheev via iStock