Prevent Jet Lag During Your Holiday Travels With These 5 Simple Hacks

Prevent Jet Lag During Your Holiday Travels With These 5 Simple Hacks

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Anyone who has traveled great distances is most likely well aware of jet lag — and how it can put a total damper on the vacation you’ve been eagerly awaiting. Believe it or not, though, jet lag hacks aren’t a bunch of mumbo jumbo; they’re actually pretty basic common sense. If you’re looking to prevent jet lag during an upcoming trip this holiday season, keep reading.

A little planning goes a long way when you want to prevent jet lag. Stay on schedule — without losing ZZZs — with these jet lag hacks:

1. Prep for your travels.

Pack 24 hours in advance, and skip the going-away party. You’ll stress less the night before by having your travel essentials in order ahead of time, and without the interrupting effects of alcohol you have a better chance of staying on track sleep-wise.

2. Stick to your routine.

Even though you’re excited to start your vacay, stick to your routine as much as possible: Eat, exercise and sleep sufficiently to prevent jet lag.

3. Think ahead and adjust accordingly.

Adjust your schedule (just a bit) to accommodate the impending time change. Go to bed an hour early for a few days in advance of your trip if you’re going east, and vice-versa if going west. Same goes for your meal schedule.

4. Get comfy.

Make yourself comfortable while traveling. Pack your own pillow and small blanket if you need to — anything to help induce relaxation while you’re en route.

5. Kick the caffeine.

Coffee and soda can help you stay awake when needed, but you’ll crash eventually (and you’ll wake you up more often once you do fall asleep), which will further disrupt your peaceful transition.

Do you have any personal tips to prevent jet lag? Sound off with your jet lag hacks in the comments below!

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