‘Pride and Prejudice’ Is an International Conference Dedicated to LGBT Inclusion in Business and Politics

‘Pride and Prejudice’ Is an International Conference Dedicated to LGBT Inclusion in Business and Politics

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Thursday, May 24, marks The Economist‘s yearly Pride and Prejudice event, a three-city, 24-hour conference about LGBT rights around the world. Taking place simultaneously in Hong Kong, London and New York City, the event will be chaired by The Economist‘s senior editors and feature a number of important speakers from the worlds of politics, business, activism and more.

Pride and Prejudice was founded in 2016, “focusing on the significance of LGBT inclusion in all aspects of business and politics.” The Economist has long been a champion of LGBT rights, arguing for the legalization of same-sex marriage as early as 1996. For context, that same year, President Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act, banning the U.S. federal government from recognizing same-sex unions.

There are a number of amazing speakers scheduled this year. In Hong Kong, Hornet CEO and co-founder Christof Wittig will present a talk called “Open Future: Social Media as a Vehicle for Progress” at 4:20 p.m. local time. (That’s 4.20 a.m. EST for those of us in the United States.) He’ll talk about the increased sense of responsibility that comes with the interconnectedness of the web.

Christof Wittig, CEO and Co-Founder of Hornet

Sir Nick Clegg, the former deputy prime minister, is speaking in London about corporate responsibilities to the LGBT community rubbing up against local mores.

In New York, the United Nations’ Fabrice Houdart will be on a panel illustrating how to evolve from an LGBT ally to an advocate, while Danica Roem, the first transgender elected official in Virginia, will be on a panel called “Politics and Progress” addressing how to fight back regressive policies around the world. (Roem has particular experience with this, as she unseated the Republican official who called himself Virginia’s “chief homophobe” and wrote that state’s failed bathroom bill.)

Danica Roem, Member of the Virginia House of Delegates

This year’s event is not only taking place in three cities around the world, but it will be live-streamed on YouTube. The event starts at 1 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time on May 24 (9 p.m. EST / 6 p.m. PST on May 23 in the United States).

Watch Pride and Prejudice live:

Will you be checking out this year’s Pride and Prejudice conference? Let us know in the comments.

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