25 Colorful Snapshots From Provincetown’s First-Ever Pride Weekend Celebration

25 Colorful Snapshots From Provincetown’s First-Ever Pride Weekend Celebration

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It’s referred to by all those who know it as “the gayest place on earth,” but believe it or not, the Cape Cod hamlet of Provincetown had never before hosted a Pride celebration. That changed this year, as the weekend of June 1–3 was a weekend for celebrating the city’s queer legacy and the stories of those who made P-Town one of the world’s most beloved LGBTQ destinations. As the below Provincetown Pride photos prove, there are few places on the globe that attract a more eclectic crowd.

The first annual Provincetown Pride kicked off with an official Pride ferry from Boston, complete with cocktails, a DJ and some local drag queens. There was a slew of events taking place throughout the weekend, including a “disco-dance kickoff party,” window displays throughout town of “P-Town Pride Landmark Moments,” drag brunch and a closing night underwear party.

The centerpiece of the entire Provincetown Pride weekend was the Global Rainbow, a piece of laser light art by Yvette Mattern projected into the sky and simulating the natural arc of a rainbow. Visible for 20 miles, it had previously been installed in cities around the world.

Global Rainbow

“Provincetown is the original place to be yourself, and the perfect place for residents, business owners and visitors to stand together, honor the ideals of freedom, democracy and equality, ensure our LGBTQ history is not forgotten and have a great time doing it!” said Fred Latasa, board president of the Provincetown Business Guild, leading up to the weekend’s events.

Check out Provincetown Pride photos by Dan McKeon here:

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Featured image by Dan McKeon

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