Canadian Mayor Shades ‘Jackass’ Who Left Tire Tacks On Rainbow Crosswalk

Canadian Mayor Shades ‘Jackass’ Who Left Tire Tacks On Rainbow Crosswalk

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A mayor in Canada wants whomever keeps burning rubber on the town’s new rainbow crosswalk to cut it out.

“Dear jackass, stop doing tire burnouts on the rainbow crosswalk,” wrote Don Darling Jr., mayor of Saint John, New Brunswick, on Instagram. “Not only is it unsafe, you’re embarrassing yourself. #stopbeingadork”

Situated outside an uptown branch of the Bank of Montreal, the colorful pathway apparently went up last Sunday, with Mayor Darling posting a photo and writing “Today Saint Awesome got a little more Saint Awesome.”

Today Saint Awesome got a little more Saint Awesome. #loveislove

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It’s not Darling’s first time sticking up for the LGBT community, though: Last year, when a constituent told the mayor he wouldn’t vote for him because he marched in the town’s Pride parade, Darling said he didn’t need his hatred or his vote.

“I for one, and I trust thousands more, will not vote for you in the next election,” Russell Douthwright commented on Facebook.

“I can’t believe you posted this bullshit,” replied Darling. “Do not vote for me please. I don’t want to be supported by haters and I will fight against hate day and night.”

Darling was grand marshal at the Pride parade in 2016. The 2018 New Brunswick Pride will be held August 4 in Saint John. The mayor has several family members who are in the LGBT community, including his daughter.

In June, when the crosswalk was approved, Darling said he hopes a day will come when Pride parades are no longer seen as necessary. “Because what that will mean is… the community, the LGBTQ+ community, is not having to fight to be treated just like most of us get to be treated on a daily basis.”

There had been some confusion about whether municipalities could paint rainbow crosswalks on provincially-designated highways. But in June New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant said all communities should be encouraged to paint rainbow crosswalks. Minister of Transportation Bill Fraser said he was still waiting for the results of a report on whether the crosswalks constituted a safety hazard.