Our Current 5 Obsessions: Is This the Cutest Sex Toy Ever? Plus Stylish Wine Storage

Our Current 5 Obsessions: Is This the Cutest Sex Toy Ever? Plus Stylish Wine Storage

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There’s no shame in sex toys, but if you want something a little more adorable than the standard butt plug — namely a robot sex toy, we’ve got you covered. But you have to leave the house sometime, and for that we’ve got an amazing layered look that will keep you warm and stylish. All this and more in this week’s current obsessions.

1. Tenga Bot

Meet Tenga Bot, a sex toy robot, action figure and collectible. Tenga, a Japanese company famous for its sex toys, particularly “onaholes” (or, male stimulation aids), just collaborated with Good Smile to provide a unique sexual experience. Though its original form looks like a butt plug, the built-in joints and hinges turns him into a robot — more than meets the eye, indeed.  Pre-order, $40, jlist.com 

2. BeoSound 2 from Bang & Olufsen

This powerful wireless speaker is perfect for the audiophile with exquisite taste. The BeoSound 2 from Bang & Olufsen is packed full of the latest technology — including the Google Assistant. This smart speaker with voice control is made out of solid aluminum and offers stunning 360-degree sound. $1995, bang-olufsen.com 

3. Oversized layered parka coat by Balenciaga

Oversized outerwear is this year’s huge fall trend. Always leading the pack when it comes to fashion, Balenciaga is introducing this oversized parka coat, featuring seven different layers all sewn together as one piece. Perfect for cold climates, this parka is layered with plaid shirts, jersey hoodies and technical fleeces. It’s the only thing you’ll need for a harsh winter. Preorder, $9,000, matchfashion.com 

4. Anywhere Tools by Keyport

We love multitools, but Keyport’s Anywhere Tools are unique in that they let you choose which tools you’d like to carry with you. (After all, not everyone needs the tweezers in a Swiss Army knife, for example.) Anywhere Tools are totally modular, and if you ever want to add a new tool to your arsenal, just add it to the stack. Starting at $24, indigogo.com 

5. Wine Preserve Bottle

This wine preserve bottle lets you enjoy your favorite wines anytime without waiting for a special occasion. This BPA-free preserver can hold an ample 750 ml of wine, and keep it fresh with an airtight seal. You can keep wine in here for up to a week without losing a bit of flavor. $50, uncommongoods.com 

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