Porn Daddy Rocco Steele Is Still Trying to Get Into Your Drawers

Porn Daddy Rocco Steele Is Still Trying to Get Into Your Drawers

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Though he’s most known these days for what’s in his pants, having picked up titles like “Best Cock” and “Hottest Cock” over the span of the last two years, Rocco Steele has lately been working on convincing fans to buy his wares. And instead of some sort of OnlyFans or Patreon deal, Rocco Steele underwear is a full-on business the pornstar started himself in August 2016 after “busting his dick” for two years in X-rated flicks.

“I’m actually kind of pulling back on the porn and the appearances around [my porn persona] and now I’m just doing appearances for 10Seven,” Steele told Hornet at Mid Atlantic Leather 2018, where the Rocco Steele underwear brand had a booth in the vendor mart. There, in addition to selling the line’s five styles — which are all around $18 — the businessman also sponsored an event for D.C. Leather Pride.

Rocco Steele wearing 10Seven (Photo by Dick Mitchell)

When 10Seven launched, it was with a simple, traditional boxer brief. In the time since, the brand has added on a brief, trunk and two jocks, the latter of which are the most successful, and picked up an audience from all over the world.

“The sport jock was actually supposed to launch last June, but because of production issues and sampling issues and basically just the factory not getting it right, we didn’t launch until October,” Steele says, who still sits at his computer and fulfills all of his orders personally. “I thought, who is going to buy a jockstrap in the winter, but then I realized we wear them all year round.”

Over the lifespan of the brand, ideas have evolved. While the label was originally centered around notions of traditional masculinity, over the past few years it has become inclusive in various ways — not only in terms of what constitutes masculine, but also in size.

“When I first launched my boxer brief, it didn’t go up to XXL, so I clearly was not designing for every body,” Steele says. “Every style that I have done since then goes up to XXL now. It’s just a non-negotiable for me now.”

And while, as a smaller company, that means the recent Washington, D.C., transplant will order less smaller versions in order to include the larger sizes, it’s an exchange he’s willing to make.

This spring, Rocco Steele underwear line 10Seven (for the record, those are Steele’s personal … measurements) will release a new product that’s yet to be announced. In addition, as gay events around the world kick off, he’ll be doing pop-ups at expos and appearances from the brand.

“When I first started, I thought it was important to be in retail stores because that was my background,” he says, acknowledging that before porn he was in the retail world for almost 15 years. “But I’ve found that when it’s retail I can’t really control where they place it, how they market it and how they talk about it, so I can’t control sales. Online I own 100% of that, so that’s where my focus is.”

Fans can still pick up pieces from Chi Chi LaRue’s in West Hollywood and KULT in Fort Lauderdale.

So while you can expect to see the name Rocco Steele still affiliated with events like Pride in Rome and various other events, you can expect a bit of a change, too.

“It’s actually a tightrope to walk, because I still have to be Rocco Steele. The trademark is actually 10Seven by Rocco Steele. But I won’t do any more of the gratuitous ‘shake my willie around,’” he says.

You’ll have to go to his other site (link NSFW) for that.


10Seven promotional photos by Aaron Williams

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