Russian Pop Star Sparks ‘Gay Propaganda’ Investigation After Music Awards

Russian Pop Star Sparks ‘Gay Propaganda’ Investigation After Music Awards

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Russian pop star Filipp Kirkorov and rapper Dava recently stirred up a bit of controversy at the Muz-TV music awards on June 4. Not only did they arrive to the show wearing tailcoats and riding in a flower-adorned convertible — which some viewers agreed looked like a wedding ceremony — but they were also accompanied by hot, shirtless men holding roses.

State authorities did not like this.

The Roskomnadzor (Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information, Technology and Mass Media) have decided to launch an investigation into the awards show, an inquiry into whether this display violated Russia’s law against “gay propaganda.”

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In a statement to RIA Novosti, the agency said: “Roskomnadzor will analyze the recordings of the Muz-TV channel broadcasting the award for violations of the current legislation of the Russian Federation, including in the field of protecting children from information harmful to their health and development. In case of violations, Roskomnadzor will take appropriate response measures.”

Russian pop star Filipp Kirkorov

Russian pop star Filipp Kirkorov and Dava were not alone in making a controversial (by the Russian government’s standards) appearance at the music awards. TikToker Danya Milokhin also arrived in shocking style, wearing an outfit that was half-dress and half-tuxedo, while beauty blogger Igor Sinyak showed up in a black, tiered gown.

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