10 Reasons We’re Currently Swooning Over American Politician Brian Sims

10 Reasons We’re Currently Swooning Over American Politician Brian Sims

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Brian Sims: we just love him. The civil rights attorney and openly gay politician in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives has made quite the name for himself over the last eight years in public office. He’s a vocal advocate for the LGBTQ community, in addition to being a great guy. But as if those weren’t enough reasons to swoon over smart and sexy Brian Sims, the gay politician of our dreams, there’s more!

Here are 10 reasons (both political and personal) we can’t help but swoon over sexy Brian Sims, Pennsylvania’s beloved gay politician:

1. Brian Sims once famously flipped Mike Pence the bird.

Photo: Brian Sims Facebook

I mean, we just said it all. We can’t help but love a guy who flips off the super homophobic vice president. When Mike Pence visited Sims’ town of Philadelphia (you know, the city where “bad things happen,” according to Trump), Sims “welcomed” Pence with a picture of himself, middle finger pointed at the sky. Iconic. (Check out Sims’ message to Pence in its entirety here.)

2. He calls out homophobia in politics.

Photo: Brian Sims Twitter

In 2018, Sims was called a “lying homosexual” by fellow Pennsylvania State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe. (The two were arguing about redistricting within the state.) Following the petty insult, Sims took to social media to call out the politician for his bigotry, remarking, “My most infamously bigoted colleague, Rep. Daryl Metcalfe took to his ‘burn book’ to attack my colleagues of color and myself [and] call me a ‘lying homosexual.’ I could use your help as I go up against this type of blatant homophobia and bigotry in the Capital.”

3. Brian Sims has the power to … turn homophobes gay?

It seems the hate that homophobes feel for Brian Sims may be sexually charged. After making comments about pro-life protesters in Philadelphia, Sims gained the attention of MAGA activist Brendon Dilley, who spread a rumor that Sims wasn’t really gay. Dilley wanted proof of Sims’ homosexuality … in the form of porn. Seriously.

“This dude is not gay. I’m telling you,” Dilley says in the above clip. “We should fucking demand to see him suck a dick before we believe he’s gay.” It seems the charm of sexy Brian Sims doesn’t only work on the proudly queer, but the self-loathing as well.

4. He supports other gay politicians.

Photo: Brian Sims Twitter

While Sims was the first openly gay politician elected to the state legislation in Pennsylvania history, he’s now not the only one. Sims continually supports his peers, as in 2018 when Philadelphia resident Malcolm Kenyatta (pictured with Sims above) was elected to join Sims at the state House. “My friend @malcolmforpa has been elected to the Pa House and is the first ever African-American gay man elected to the legislature and only the second Out person ever elected to the House!!! #RainbowWave” Sims posted to Twitter.

5. Brian Sims is a former star athlete.

Sims was an acclaimed college football player and scholar athlete. He was the co-captain of the Bloomsburg University football team, and during the 2000 season, he came out as gay to his teammates, making him the only openly gay college football captain in NCAA history.

6. He’s currently on the market and looking to date.

How can you not swoon?!

But is Brian Sims single? At the moment, yes! While Sims was in a pretty public relationship with a Philadelphian named Brandon McMullin, the openly gay politician has since shared that he’s not only single but looking to date, though the current global pandemic isn’t making that too easy.

“Trying to find love during a global pandemic is pretty complicated most days,” Sims tweeted back in August. “Yeah I want to go to movies and restaurants again too, but talk to me about holding hands, weekend adventures, and meeting my dog.”

Good luck gay Philadelphians!

7. Brian Sims is a loving doggy dad.

Photo: Brian Sims Instagram

Sims loves to share photos of his massive pup Temperance on social media. He frequently calls his hugs and kisses with her “bear attacks.” Cute!

8. Just like us, he loves Disney and Drag Race.

In addition to being a Drag Race super fan, Brian Sims also loves Disney. In fact, he’s such a Disney fan that he went viral in 2016 for singing along to The Little Mermaid in his car. Watch for yourself!

9. Brian Sims can ride a bull — er, shark — like no other.

Photo: Brian Sims Facebook

Singing along with Ariel isn’t all he’s gone viral for. Back in 2015, Brian Sims shared a photo of himself living his best gay life on a mechanical bull (that was technically a shark, maybe a bull shark). Out only issue? Where’s the video?!

10. Oh, yeah, sexy Brian Sims also looks great shirtless.

Photo: Brian Sims instagram

Since he’s a politician, Sims of course keeps a level of professionalism on his social media, so you won’t find too many shirtless thot pictures online. But when he does take it off … let’s just say his fans enjoy the sight of a shirtless Brian Sims, us included!

You can follow the sexy Brian Sims, Pennsylvania’s beloved gay politician, on Instagram here.

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