This Aussie YouTuber Is Sharing His Story of Sexual Assault at Sitges Bear Week

This Aussie YouTuber Is Sharing His Story of Sexual Assault at Sitges Bear Week

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UPDATE: Because this Sitges Bear Week assault victim is now receiving threats on his life (way to go, queer community!) we’ve removed any mention of his name and removed his video for his personal safety.

Yesterday, an Aussie YouTuber posted a video where he describes an alleged Sitges Bear Week assault. Guy says the assault happened at last year’s event, when a group of men groped him and exposed him. He says the incident left him feeling “incredibly humiliated.”

Sitges Bear Week is a hugely popular gay event that brings around 5,000 people a year to the small town on the coast of Spain. The event attracts bears and bear-lovers from around the world looking for fun.

But when he went to the 2017 event, he didn’t have fun. In the video, he explains that on the first day of the festival he and his friends were talking with a group of men in an alleyway packed with partiers. One of the men groped his butt and another pulled down his pants, exposing him to the other people in the alley.

He says that while he was asking his friend to help (as he was holding a drink and his wallet and couldn’t immediately pull his pants back up), one of the men pinched him on the ass. He was then assaulted again: “Another guy on the other side of me, fuck, he just put his hands on me in a place I didn’t want to be touched, and in a way that was totally uncalled for, in no way was there any, any slither of consent, especially when I am in that situation raging, screaming and yelling, ‘Pull my pants up.’”

He then describes the feelings he went through after the Sitges Bear Week assault. “I was an absolute wreck … and then another part of my mind as I started to come down told me that I was overreacting and that I invited that sort of behavior.”

Ultimately he realizes that, like all assault victims, the incident wasn’t his fault. His shame and humiliation since turned into rage, and he wanted to fight back. So he has gone public with what happened to him.

Though he does share some helpful advice to potential creeps: “Don’t ever touch anyone unless they invite you to! And even when they invite you to, ask them again to make sure, because consent is the most fucking important thing.”

Have you ever experienced anything like the Sitges Bear Week assault he shares?

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