Starting Sept. 8, Your Website Can Use the New .LGBT and .GAY Domain Registration

Starting Sept. 8, Your Website Can Use the New .LGBT and .GAY Domain Registration

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The below story was penned by PrideLife, the only LGBT-certified business selling domain names.

LGBT progress over the last 50 years has been assisted by the swell in visibility and learned understanding that supporting one another makes the LGBT community stronger. As many LGBT people struggle to find new purpose and footing in this pandemic, it’s the simple acts of kindness that will help fuel hope and inspire the community’s march onward.

Beginning Sept. 8, PrideLife is launching a “Buy One, Give One” program to bring more businesses, organizations, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, activists, brands, corporations, and everyday LGBT people into the .LGBT community. Creating a stronger LGBT footprint and economic engine on the Internet highlights the power of coalition and generates future opportunity for the LGBT community.

PrideLife’s offer includes a 30% discount on new .LGBT name registrations when using the coupon code HORNETGIVE, as well as one free .LGBT name for you to gift to someone else — a small act of kindness. It’s giving made easy.

“We understand the stress our community is facing, and we believe in our responsibility to support those who can pay it forward,” says PrideLife CEO Scott Seitz. “As we reboot mid-pandemic, we’re reminded to empower one another and continue raising LGBT awareness online. It’s vital to our community’s overall health and long-term survival.”

PrideLife is the world’s first and only LGBT-certified business selling domain names, with a clear focus on promoting domains with diversity. The .LGBT domain is in itself a statement on diversity, representing a tangible shift in acceptance of a community once excluded from opportunity. A custom-built LGBT virtual space now exists, so let’s use it or lose it.

Throughout the pandemic the Internet has proven to be an invaluable tool, creating a solve for physical distancing and restrictions on in-person shopping. Missing however are the virtual flags that welcome, offer comfort and anchor the LGBT community in our new reality online. The .LGBT domain changes all that with each new registration.

“IGLTA is a pioneer in bringing leadership, visibility and safety to the LGBTQ+ travel community, so we’re pleased to be a Founding Partner of PrideLife,” says John Tanzella, President/CEO of the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association. “.LGBT domains offer visibility on a global platform and help both new and existing businesses to stand out as the community starts to travel again.”

Complete program rules are available at with coupon code HORNETGIVE

Image at top by Stanley Dai on Unsplash

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