Sticks & Stones, the World’s First Digital Job Fair for LGBTQ People, Launches This Week

Sticks & Stones, the World’s First Digital Job Fair for LGBTQ People, Launches This Week

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Sticks & Stones Digital, the world’s first digital LGBTQ job fair, is taking place from June 23—29. Over 80 employers who have committed to an LGBTQ corporate culture — including recognizable brands like Volkswagen, Google, Sony Music Entertainment, and White & Case — are participating.

The fair and booths will, of course, be displayed virtually. Different days will be designated with specific themes, and will include talks from leaders in a variety of fields — from business to politics to the entertainment industry. Virtual fair booths will feature videos, links and the opportunity to talk to exhibitors through live chats.

So how did Sticks & Stones begin?

Sticks & Stones founder Stuart B. Cameron had this to say:

My reason for founding Sticks & Stones at that time was actually very selfish. I just wanted to find an employer that didn’t have a problem with me being gay. At that time, I was already satisfied if an employer would simply accept me.

This has changed in the meantime, and I expect companies to actively engage with their LGBT+ employees and to value them as much as they value other employees. A company logo in rainbow colours in Pride Month is not enough — in fact, it’s more annoying.

Now I want to know what companies are doing specifically for their LGBT+ employees.

The Sticks & Stones digital LGBTQ job fair is an incredible opportunity for students and recent graduates, as well as professionals both young and senior who are seeking progressive, inclusive employment.

As Cameron says, it is not enough for companies to simply voice their support for LGBTQ employees once a year during Pride Month. They must be actively making strides toward the inclusion, support, and advancement of LGBTQ folk.

Tickets to the Sticks & Stones digital LGBTQ job fair are free. What are you waiting for? Visitors can register for the fair online.

Will you be heading over to Sticks & Stones, the world’s first digital LGBTQ job fair, this week?

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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