This Miami Man Was Arrested After a Long-Running Scheme of Fooling Straight Men Into Gay Sex

This Miami Man Was Arrested After a Long-Running Scheme of Fooling Straight Men Into Gay Sex

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A Florida man who fooled straight men into having gay sex with him was arrested this week.

Bryan Deneumostier is accused of conning heterosexuals into coming into his home in the Miami suburbs and engaging in sex acts with what they believed was a woman. He then secretly videotaped and posted the encounters on a gay porn website. The victims reportedly believed they were meeting a bored housewife for an NSA encounter, but it was a cross-dressing Deneumostier who serviced them.

When the men arrived at the home they agreed to be blindfolded or wear blacked-out goggles but allegedly did not consent to be filmed. The 33-year-old posted the encounters on his site, “StraightBoyz,” which advertised videos of “real” straight men in blindfolds having gay sex. According to the Miami Herald, he produced at least 600 videos over a four-year period.

Authorities believe Deneumostier posed as a cisgender woman in Cragislist ads he used to fool straight men. “When the men ask for assurances that there are no cameras, he assured them that ‘she’s’ married to someone in the army and she would never photograph or video them,” according to police documents.

On Tuesday Deneumostier was charged with two counts of illegal interception of oral communication and three counts of record-keeping violations. Agents with Homeland Security are still attempting to determine which participants were willing and which were lured to his home near Homestead Reserve Air Base under false pretenses.

Miami-Dade Police Department

Earlier this month Deneumostier was discovered in a Florida hotel room with an underage boy. He admitted he spent two days drinking, doing drugs and having sex with the teen, who had been reported missing by his family. “There were leather handcuffs, sexual lubricant and a leather whip in plain view in the room,” police revealed.

Do you believe Deneumostier fooled straight men into being unwitting porn stars? 

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