Symone Sanders Got Insufferable D-Bag Milo Yiannopoulos Kicked Out of This Political Conference

Symone Sanders Got Insufferable D-Bag Milo Yiannopoulos Kicked Out of This Political Conference

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Toxic gay douchebag Milo Yiannopoulos was recently uninvited as a speaker at an October 2018 bipartisan political conference in Los Angeles called Politicon after outcry over his inclusion. Symone Sanders, a black cultural critic and expected speaker at Politicon 2018, opposed Yiannopoulos’ inclusion, publicly calling him a “white supremacist” and posting an email reply from Yiannopoulos in which he called Sanders “dumb fucking cunt.” Nevertheless, notable racists Tucker Carlson and Ann Coulter will still be in attendance.

Politicon is a conference that tries to invite well-known left- and right-wing political figures and pundits under one roof for panel discussions, interviews and one-on-one debates. The conference also holds a small tour in three southwestern states starting in November.

In a tweet posted yesterday, Sanders wrote, “@Politicon asked me to go on a tour with them. I asked who I would be paired with and they said Milo. Y’ALL I LOST IT. My team promptly responded and told them under no circumstances would I voluntarily be on a tour with a white supremacist.”

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In his characteristic style, Yiannopoulos e-mailed Sanders — subject line: “White supremacist” — to say, “I’M MARRIED TO A BLACK MAN, you dumb fucking cunt.”

Tweeting a screencap of his e-mail, Sanders rightfully pointed out that your spouse proves nothing about your political ideology. You can be a homophobe married to someone of the same sex and a white supremacist married to a black person.

Politicon announced today that Yiannopoulos had been uninvited, but it’s hardly a huge victory seeing as the conference is still hosting racist conserva-troll Ann Coulter and racist Fox News blowhard Tucker Carlson.

In response, Yiannopoulos said, “To others, who care only about reputation and avoiding humiliation, I guess this would be a blow. Personally, I couldn’t give a shit. I subject myself to this continuous hell because unlike the needy, vacuous, desperate grifters of conservative media, I actually care about my fans and the stuff I talk about. And no amount of cancellations from now until the end of time will ever deter me from trying. Next!”

Symone Sanders

It seems Sanders doesn’t really mind white supremacists being part of Politicon so much as she minds being forced to debate a particularly odious one as part of its lineup. But that’s more a knock to Politicon than to Sanders.

In fact, a write up of last year’s Politicon conference basically called it an exercise in political theatrics where right-wing racists get to “own the libs” with one-line zingers designed to get applause rather than really examine any coherent policy positions.

What do you think of Symone Sanders’ reaction to Milo Yiannopoulos being included in Politicon?

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