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The Unreal Story of Claude Cahun, the Lesbian Photographer Who Fought Off the Nazis

The story of Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore sounds nearly improbable: two Jewish stepsisters-slash-lovers who lived as old ladies and wrote anti-Nazi propaganda!

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Ozon’s Latest, ‘By the Grace of God,’ Eyes a Catholic Church Sex Scandal Through Three Men

Ozon’s ‘By the Grace of God’ narrates a fight to bring to justice an accused Catholic priest through the lens of three characters.

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These Comics Perfectly Capture the Everyday Life of a Geeky Gay Guy and His Boyfriend

One of the artists leading this charge is Song Inkollo, who documents his own day-to-day existence through his clever and heartwarming gay comic strips

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Radical Faeries Have Been Pushing Queer Boundaries for 40 Years

While now it’s mostly just an aesthetic, the radical faeries started out as a counter-cultural community — and changed the world for the better

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Gay Men in Western Countries Are Voting for Conservative and Far-Right Politicians

LGBT Americans consistently vote for liberal politicians, but that’s simply not the case in other Western nations

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Editors' Picks
News of the World: Chechnya Investigation Underway, Taiwan to Vote on Gay Marriage

A Chechnya investigation into human rights abuses is officially underway, and Taiwan will soon head to the polls for a referendum on LGBTQ issues

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Why Are People Saying French President Emmanuel Macron Is Gay?

Have you seen how he looks at Justin Trudeau?

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Authorities Ban Lesbian Couple From Giving Their Son a ‘Girl’s Name’

The French government has a history of policing baby names.

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These Pics Have Us Jealous Over Elton John’s and David Beckham’s French Riviera Vacation

There are some Elton John David Beckham photos showing the gay British singer and retired soccer player hanging out in the French Riviera

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New Open-Air Urinals in Paris Are Causing Outrage Among the City’s Residents

Uritrottoirs, open-air Paris urinals, have been placed around the city to curb public urination, but they’re causing controversy over the lack of privacy

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