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The L.A. Lakers Are Set to Host Their First-Ever Pride Night for LGBTQ Fans

It will be the first time the Los Angeles basketball team has celebrated its LGBTQ fans

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A Man Who Flirted with Ray Allen Online Says the NBA Player Knew He Wasn’t a Woman

A Florida man is alleging that he’s being stalked by former NBA player Ray Allen. Allen has responded with a motion saying that he is the one being stalked

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WTF: Olympic Athlete Subjected To Humiliating “Gender Verification” Tests

Dutee Chand is a huge track and field star for India, and she does really well in her chosen sport. Her reward? Repeated, humiliating “gender verification” tests. WTF?

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NBA Pulls All-Star Game From North Carolina Over HB2

The NBA has just announced they will not hold the 2017 All-Star Game in Charlotte, North Carolina. The reason? House Bill 2, of course.

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