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ACT UP Was Unofficially Founded 32 Years Ago Today, Changing the Face of Queer Activism

On the unofficial birthday of Larry Kramer’s pioneering activist organization, we take you through ACT UP history, including the famous CBS News disruption

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It’s Now Been 33 Years Since President Reagan Finally Acknowledged the Existence of HIV/AIDS

One of the many shameful things of his presidency was the Ronald Reagan HIV response, or lack thereof; it was only into his second term he even said ‘AIDS’

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Set Photos Hint That ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Will Somehow Address the AIDS Crisis

Production began for Wonder Woman 1984 today and first-look photos were shared by the cast and crew revealing that the film may tackle the AIDS epidemic

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News of the World: The LGBT Community Is Growing in the U.S. While Ghana Considers Criminalizing Us

In this month’s look at news from around the world, we discover that while LGBT community growth in America is higher than ever, Ghana could criminalize us

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For LGBTs, ‘Silence = Death’ Is a Warning That Still Rings True Today

The LGBTQ community is facing new crises, and the current administration sees us as easy targets, but we cannot forget, Silence = Death

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WTF?! ACT UP Fined In France For Calling Homophobes “Homophobes”

The activist group ACT UP was fined the equivalent of $854 by the Court of Appeals in France. Their crime? Hanging posters calling anti-queer group La Manif Pour Tous (The Strike For All) homophobes. If anything, you’d think a homophobic group would embrace that label. That and more in your monthly[…]

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Why Kink Matters: My Visit to the Chicago Leather Archives

BDSM isn’t just a bunch of kinky folks spanking each other; my trip to the Chicago Leather Archive shows how it also represents a deeper cultural battle over who and how we love

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INTERVIEW: The Pink Panthers Will Protect You

Look out, world: There’s a new bunch of queers on patrol, looking out for marginalized groups and defending the defenseless.

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Nigeria’s Anti-Gay Laws Keep Men From Seeking Help With HIV

Nigeria’s anti-gay laws, combined with institutional homophobia and misconceptions about HIV are keeping men from getting the help they need.

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New York Has Closed Its Largest HIV Testing Center

It’s pretty bad when the largest city in the country shuts down its largest free HIV testing site. It’s even worse when it takes the media five months to notice. A damning BuzzFeed story suggests that the city of New York isn’t doing enough to get people tested for HIV.[…]

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