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Steam, Cool Down, Repeat: Our 4 Favorite New York City Bathhouses for Men

From the East Side Club to the West Side Club, here are four bathhouses to explore the next time you’re in the Big Apple

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A Peek Under the Towel: Inside the 500-Year History of Gay Bathhouses

115 years ago the first gay bathhouse was raided by police in the United States; learn all about gay bathhouse history and why they’re important

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This Closeted NYC Mayor Described Queer Sex as ‘Horrific’ and Helped Close Bathhouses in the ’80s

Despite longstanding rumors of his own homosexuality, Ed Koch was instrumental in the shutdown of NYC’s gay bathhouses

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In 1984, This Local Coalition Took the Safety of NYC’s Gay Bathhouses Into Its Own Hands

The Coalition for Sexual Responsibility partnered with NYC bathhouse owners to keep their establishments open during the epidemic

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Sex in an Epidemic: Activists Differed on Responses to the Gay Community’s Promiscuity

If the sexual exploration of the post-Stonewall generation was grounded in promiscuity, was it the root of seemingly endless gay deaths?

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Week in Review, Aug. 3, 2018: Madonna’s Return Announced, Summer Reads, Bathhouse Culture

In the inaugural edition of our new Week in Review feature, we look at Madonna’s upcoming album and the latest embarrassment from the Trump administration

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Not Just Another Glory Hole: Reconsidering the Bathhouse as a Community Space

The bathhouse was once part of a vibrant sexual culture and contributed to emotional empowerment, not just a sex den with glory holes

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If You Have a Spare $2.15 Million, You Can Buy One of Seattle’s Last Gay Bathhouses

Would you like to buy a bathhouse? Seattle’s Club Z is regularly named the best one in the city, but its building has just gone on sale for $2.15 million

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Watch This Now: The New Fischerspooner Music Video Is a Paean to Bare Butts and Writhing Bods

‘Top Brazil,’ the new video from the electroclash group Fischerspooner, is basically a digital orgy, filled with throbbing naked bodies and lots of lust

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Take a Tour of Chicago’s Oldest Gay Bathhouse, Which Just Closed Its Doors After 44 Years (Video)

The oldest gay bathhouse in Chicago, Man’s Country, closed its doors New Year’s Eve after serving as a place for gay men to meet each other for 44 years

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